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Person at doctor's office with collarbone pain.
July 3, 2023/Orthopaedics

Why Does My Collarbone Hurt?

It could be an injury, arthritis, a bone infection or even the position of your collarbone

Closeup of ballerina's feet, one foot bruised with bandaid and the other still in its point slipper.
June 8, 2023/Orthopaedics

How Ballet Affects Your Feet

Poorly fitting footwear and overuse injuries can knock you ‘off pointe’

Young teen pitcher caught mid throw at plate
May 25, 2023/Orthopaedics

Myth Busted: Tommy John Surgery Doesn’t Increase Your Pitching Speed

Elbow surgeries are on the rise in pitchers

Older person postioned sideways showing dowager hump.
April 11, 2023/Orthopaedics

Dowager’s Hump: What It Is and How To Get Rid of It

The hump at the base of your neck may be caused by osteoporosis or poor posture


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2 people doing wall squats after run.
April 5, 2023/Orthopaedics

5 Best Exercises for Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain)

Wall squats and calf stretches are among the exercises that can help ease knee pain

girl cracking her knuckles
January 6, 2023/Orthopaedics

Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad for You?

As long as it’s done correctly, knuckle cracking is safe

Calf raises on tip toe.
December 22, 2022/Orthopaedics

How To Strengthen Your Ankles

You can improve strength and stability with these eight easy exercises

Applying foot powder to clean feet to cut down on odor.
December 16, 2022/Orthopaedics

Why Your Feet Smell Like Vinegar

Sweat plus bacteria equals sour-smelling feet

woman trying on boots at store
October 7, 2022/Orthopaedics

What Kinds of Boots Are Healthiest for Your Feet?

If they don’t fit well in the store, they won’t fit any better at home

Runner with shoes that have the toe splits built into the design.
October 6, 2022/Orthopaedics

Are Minimalist ‘Toe Shoes’ Good for Your Feet?

One thing is for sure: This footwear definitely kicks up controversy

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