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LGBTQIA+: Healthy Living Out Loud

group of LGBTQA teens with pride flag doorway

How To Come Out Safely

Start with one person you trust, and then you can open the door to the rest of the world

What It Means To Be ‘Aromantic’

This romantic orientation involves little to no romantic attraction to others and exists on a spectrum

How You Can Better Access LGBTQIA+ Friendly Healthcare

Research healthcare providers who are welcoming and affirming, and advocate for yourself

What Does It Mean To Be Nonbinary?

Being nonbinary means not identifying solely (or at all) with being male or female 

Words Matter

baby swaddled in blanket that's half pink and half blue
AFAB and AMAB: What the Sex You’re Assigned at Birth Means for Your Health

Your sex assigned at birth plays some role in the types of screenings and exams you need

Illustration of a diverse group of people standing with their arms around each other
Understanding Gender Identity

Gender exists on a spectrum, with several gender identities to choose from

Two people hold each other as a rainbow flag wraps around them.
What Is Sexual Orientation?

Sexual orientation exists on a spectrum and can result in a wide range of relationships

A snapshot of a waiting room at a women's health clinic.
Defining Women’s Health

Inclusion is at the heart of women’s health

A person sits alone while being pointed at.
What Are Microaggressions?

Their impact is anything but small

Two people sit on a park bench talking.
Why Deadnaming Is Harmful

Find out what it is and why it should be avoided

Kids and Teens

Two teen age girls drink lemonade on stairs
How To Support Your Child as They Explore Their Gender Identity

Kids aren’t too young to understand or question concepts related to gender

boy sad at school from bullying
How To Handle Bullying

An expert shares how to help your child navigate school bullies

teen with parent talk on couch
What Are Puberty Blockers?

Find out how they’re making life a little easier for gender-diverse kids

Teen lying on bed holding cell phone up reading it
Sexting: The Risks and How To Talk to Your Children About It

Sexting has become all too common among kids, putting them at risk for bullying, blackmailing and human trafficking

Healthy Relationships

A couple slow dances in their living room.
The Psychology of Love

How we love one another varies greatly

The asexual pride flag with stripes of black, grey, white and purple from top to bottom.
What Does It Mean To Be Asexual?

Our understanding of what it means to be asexual has blossomed

Women sit on steps and talk boundaries in relationships
How To Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Healthy boundaries are important to put in place for friends, family and co-workers

woman threatened by another person
How To Spot Relationship Red Flags

Red flags can pop up early in a relationship and may lead to serious issues like domestic abuse

Transgender and Nonbinary

prep pill
Why Transgender Women Need to Be Concerned About High Rates of HIV

Contributing factors include racial disparities, high barriers to care and more

teal sports bra
How to Bind Your Chest Safely

An LGBTQ+ care specialist talks risks, recommendations and more

trans woman at home researching on laptop
What Trans Women Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Anyone with a prostate can get prostate cancer, but some symptoms could be masked  

Sexual Health

two woman talking rainbow sweater
What Does “Sex Positive” Mean?

Embrace the diversity of sexual expression

Hand holding blue PrEP pill
Should You Be on PrEP?

This medication can significantly lower your risk of HIV

Two people wrapped up in a rainbow flag
What Are Poppers?

A dangerous party drug, poppers pose serious health threats

Two people kissing
Is Anal Sex Safe?

Anal sex can be safe if you’re prepared for the experience