Runners, Here’s How To Fuel Up and Stay Hydrated

If you’re a runner and don’t have the right nutrition and fluid balance headed into your run you could risk draining your body of vital resources too quickly or have less energy to complete your program. Get all the tips you need to stay healthy and hydrated. Dietitian Kate Patton offers advice on adopting a diet plan that fuels and hydrates you each time you step out the door.

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Are You Always Tired and Achy?

If chronic pain and fatigue make you want to stay in bed a lot of the time, you may have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. Find out how doctors diagnose and treat these mysterious conditions.

Always Tired? 7 Hidden Causes for Your Fatigue

Always tired? Once your doctor rules out major medical causes of fatigue, it’s time to consider hidden ones. Discover the 7 causes usually responsible for fatigue from a wellness physician’s perspective.