7 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

Around this time of year, you get hit over the head with the usual New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, and so on. Those are healthy, admirable goals, but below are a few fun alternative resolutions you might not expect. 1. Eat more chocolate Research touts the health benefits of chocolate, including everything from … Read More

Fitter Fats and Sunscreen Savvy (Slideshow)

What nut needs to come out of its shell to keep you healthy? When is the right time to reveal that your eyes and ears aren’t level? How do you stock your fridge for weight-loss success? The answers are here. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”566″ transitions=”default”]

4 Ways to Partner With Your Doctor

Most doctors go into healthcare with an overwhelming desire to help people. Providing care is a two-way street between a doctor and patient. Working together, they get the best results. If we truly want to impact the health of our nation, we need to: 1. Take prescribed medications and advice It is estimated that up … Read More

7 Tips to Kick Bad Habits for Good

People know they want to change — know they need to change — but they resist, even to their own detriment, says Scott Bea, PsyD, a psychologist in Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Behavioral Health. “We are comfort-craving critters and that leads us to some compulsive bad habits,” he says. Despite this, with some planning, effort … Read More

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9 Ways to Prevent Disease

Health. It’s the way to enjoy your life. Our experts offer nine ways to take care of yourself and partner up with your doctor: Eat like a champion For good health, avoid saturated fats, cholesterol, refined carbs and sugars and trans fats. These foods can cause chronic inflammation — a normal bodily process gone awry … Read More

What Do Doctors and Dietitians Eat for Lunch?

When midday hits and the energy from breakfast is long gone, what do the experts eat to keep them going? This week in our “Eat Like the Experts” series, our doctors and registered dietitians answer another question: What do you eat for lunch? Grab and go “My afternoons at work are hectic — no time … Read More

5 Foods You Should Eat This Winter

Chilly winter weather affects more than just your wardrobe and heating bill. Your body also experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism and even food prefer Do you react to bitter cold by skipping the gym and convincing yourself you deserve a calorie splurge to warm up and offset your discomfort? You’re not alone. But the … Read More

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Don’t Lose Sight of Your New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year unfolds, we swear to new, healthier habits for ourselves and our families. Then, life jumps into overdrive: we find ourselves doling out cookies to our kids rather than cutting fresh veggies, all while racing to after-school basketball practice or swimming lessons. It’s not too late to regroup. Pediatrician Lynn Milliner, MD, … Read More

5 Signs of Bad Nutrition Advice

If you want advice on heart health, you ask a cardiologist. If you want to know why your Labrador is limping, you turn to your veterinarian. If you have questions about your diet — well, that’s another story. There’s no shortage of people willing to give diet advice. But if you get bad advice, you … Read More