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Man sitting down at beach workout area with head in hand, eye closed
April 8, 2024/Primary Care

Why Does the Sun Make You Tired? Here Are 7 Reasons

Your body works overtime to keep you cool on hot summer days, bringing on sun fatigue

zoom in on sun-blistered shoulder
September 18, 2023/Skin Care & Beauty

Burned and Blistering? When To See a Doctor for a Sunburn

Leaving a severe sunburn untreated can lead to dehydration and heat-related illness

person in the sun, with sun burn
July 24, 2023/Skin Care & Beauty

Are Sunburns and Sun Poisoning the Same? Not Quite

A sunburn will leave you itchy and red, while sun poisoning can feel like an allergic reaction

person sitting up in bed looking out the window
July 11, 2023/Mental Health

Yes, You Can Get SAD in the Summer

If you experience warm weather seasonal depression, you’re not alone


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A person sits on a park bench with their head in their hands while another person gives them water.
June 20, 2023/Primary Care

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke Are Too Hot To Handle on Your Own

Both heat illnesses can be life-threatening if left untreated

dehydrated woman drinking water
June 27, 2022/Wellness

Why Are You Dehydrated? 8 Common Reasons

You may need more water than you might think

employee at bakery wearing a mask and working
August 6, 2020/Primary Care

Tips for Staying Cool While Wearing a Mask When It’s Hot

How to choose your mask wisely + keep it clean

woman exercising in summer heat
July 14, 2020/Exercise & Fitness

Should You Exercise When It’s Hot?

Anyone can get heat illness, so watch for signs that you need to cool down

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