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9 Tips for Summer Snacks

Follow tips from pediatric registered dietitian Jennifer Willoughby, RD, LD, to learn how your children can enjoy their favorite summertime snacks without the added sugars or artificial flavors.

Have Your Cake (Cone), Eat It Too

Choose the right ice cream cone, and you can have your cake and eat it too. On average, a cake cone has only 17 calories — less than half the calories of a sugar cone (50 calories) and 85 percent less calories than a waffle cone (115 calories).  You can enjoy your ice cream today in … Read More

Ice Cream Zen: Be Enlightened

Ice cream takes many of us back to childhood: summers with friends eating creamy, dripping cones. As adults, we can still enjoy this treat and the feelings it evokes, but for our health, we need to take a wise approach and eat ice cream in moderation. It’s hard to believe, but an average large milkshake … Read More

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Ice Cream Toppers and Better Zzz’s (Slideshow)

What’s so bad about those little sprinkles on a cool treat? How can curling on your side help with sleep apnea? What are some beauty tricks for fabulous-looking eyes? Discover the answers to these and other pressing questions. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”498″ transitions=”default”]