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Mold on Your Baby’s Toys: Should You Worry?

Baby toys end up getting wet, whether it’s a plastic bath-time buddy or a saliva-covered teething ring. And where there’s moisture, there’s the possibility for mold. But does it pose a real health danger? A pediatrician weighs in.

mother with baby biting a teething ring

A Pirate’s Guide To Parenting Styles

A licensed clinical counselor explains the difference between authoritative, permissive, authoritarian and neglectful parenting styles, and why the authoritative style might be most effective.

3 kids playing pirates

Got Mom Guilt? Here’s How To Navigate It

Feeling like you’re not the parent, partner, co-worker and friend you should be? We all have competing roles to play in our lives. When parents don’t live up to the ideals they put on themselves, it’s commonly called “mom guilt.” Learn how to calm your inner critic.

Busy mom helps children with homework while holding baby, working on computer and talking on phone.
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