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4 Natural, Drug-Free Ways to Fight Your Migraine Headaches

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Making changes to your diet, managing stress and taking supplements can prevent migraines and reduce their severity. Learn what you can do to help yourself without a prescription.

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Should You Take Low-Dose Aspirin to Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk?

Tags: acute pancreatitis, aspirin, pancreas, pancreas transplant, pancreatic cancer, pancreatic disease, pancreatic transplant

A recent study links low-dose aspirin use to a reduced risk of pancreatic cancer, but overall study results are mixed. Find out why daily aspirin could be appropriate for some patients.


An Aspirin a Day? Only If You Have Had a Heart Attack

Tags: aspirin, blood clots, heart attack

In a recommendation issued this week, the FDA says scientists have not proven aspirin therapy has any benefit for people without cardiovascular problems. This group includes those with risk factors such as a family history of heart disease.


Self-prescribed Aspirin Comes with Risks

Tags: aspirin, Aspirin and heart attack, heart attack, medications, news, stroke

Many heart patients do aspirin therapy as prescribed by their doctors as a preventive measure. But as more people self prescribe aspirin in an effort to be heart healthy, it is important for a doctor to review your case and determine that aspirin is appropriate for you.

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Supplements, OTCs May Hurt Your Kidneys

Tags: aspirin, kidney disease, kidney failure, kidney health, over the counter medications OTC, supplements

Cleveland Clinic nephrologist Robert Heyka, MD, discusses common OTC medicines, antibiotics, and herbal supplements that can cause kidney damage, and he gives advice about screenings and risk factors.

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Can Aspirin Damage Eye Health?

Tags: Age-related macular degeneration, aspirin, eye exam, eye health, macular degeneration

A new study suggests taking aspirin long-term for your heart health may increase your risk for age-related macular degeneration.


An Aspirin a Day? (Video)

Tags: aspirin, Aspirin and heart attack, healthy living, heart, heart health

Steven Nissen, MD, talks about whether you need to take an aspirin every day to prevent heart attack.

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Aspirin: Prevent Kidney Failure After Heart Surgery

Tags: aspirin, heart disease, heart surgery, news

Aspirin — originally developed to fight minor aches and pains — has many benefits. A recent study shows taking aspirin prior to heart surgery can reduce the chance of kidney failure later.


Could Aspirin Help Prevent Cancer?

Tags: aspirin, cancer, metastases, metastatic disease, prevention

What if a $5 bottle of aspirin could decrease the physical, emotional and financial toll of cancer? A Cleveland Clinic expert offers reasons for both optimism and caution.

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Daily Digest: “Compassion Fatigue,” Strep Throat, Kidney Removal and More

Tags: aspirin, compassion fatigue, internal bleeding, joints, kidney removal, pediatric, skin infection, strep throat, sun, sun exposure

In our June 8, 2012 daily digest, read about "compassion fatigue," strep throat, skin infections, kidney removal, internal bleeding, nutrition and more.