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New Study Finds High-Dose Flu Vaccine Better Protects Elderly (Video)

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A new study finds a high-dose flu vaccine provides better protection among people 65 and older than a standard flu shot. The high-dose vaccine was 24.2 percent more effective than a standard-dose vaccine at preventing flu.

vitamin d

Do You Really Need to Take Vitamin D Supplements?

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What should you make of recent research showing no benefit to taking vitamin D supplements to prevent osteoporosis? Our bone health experts advise you to check with your doctor before you stop.

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Baby Boomers’ Guide to Heart Health

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Baby boomers need to make smart choices about diet and lifestyle and monitor key indicators to stay heart healthy. Younger people need to pay attention, too, because health risks accrue over time.

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Whatever Your Age — You Can Keep Moving

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Elderly women may spend as much as two-thirds of their waking hours in sedentary behavior, a study finds. But an expert says there is still an opportunity for sedentary older people to exercise and stay healthier.

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‘Snowbirds’: Coordinate Medical Care Before Traveling

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“Snowbirds” who fly to Florida or elsewhere for the winter and need ongoing cancer care should get a referral, make a first appointment, transfer records and check insurance before they take flight.

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Stay Healthy as a Senior Athlete

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Staying physically active as you age can help you manage or prevent many medical conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

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Exercising After 50: Never Too Late to Start

Tags: Catalyst, exercise, geriatric health

If you’re over age 50 and think you’re past the point of getting any benefits from exercise, think again — you’ll be glad you got moving.


4 Ways to Care for Older Patients With Cancer

Tags: cancer, caregiver, geriatric, geriatric health

If you’re caring for an aging loved one with cancer, you face challenges. Get advice for providing the best care possible and keeping yourself healthy at the same time.

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Seniors: Stay Safe in the Heat (Video)

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The Senior Games are a showcase for older athletes — who know as both athletes and seniors, heat exposure can be especially dangerous. Some expert tips to help seniors stay safe in the heat.

elderly man in bed with broken arm

More Elderly Falls, More Brain Injuries

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A growing number of elderly people are falling and suffering traumatic brain injuries as a result. How do you keep yourself or a family member safer from a dangerous fall?