Doctor and Patient

New FMD Guidelines Pave the Way for More Research (Video)

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The American Heart Association recently introduced new guidelines on fibromuscular dysplasia.The guidelines will help to pave the way for new research and help doctors better understand the condition.

Scientist in lab

Busting 4 Myths About Stem Cell Research

Tags: diabetes, heart disease, innovation, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, myths, Parkinson's Disease, research, stem cells, stroke

Stem cell research is alive, well and as full of possibilities as ever. Get the facts on this flourishing field.

You've been told you need heart surgery

You’ve Been Told You Need Heart Surgery (Video)

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When you need heart surgery, do your homework to identify the right hospital and heart surgeon for you. Advance planning gives you tools to set a productive initial meeting and discuss your next options.

vitamin e pills inside a glass

Vitamin E Supplements May Do More Harm Than Good

Tags: antioxidants, chemotherapy, fruits and vegetables, lung cancer, radiation, research, study, vitamin e, vitamins and supplements

Many people take vitamin E supplements thinking the antioxidant will help fight or stave off lung cancer. A new study suggests that those supplements have exactly the opposite effect in mice.

Cardiac Research Studies

New Trials for Heart Valve Replacement Underway

Tags: aortic valve replacement, heart and vascular institute, heart surgery, innovation, outcomes, research

Your heart valves regulate blood flow but when advanced valve disease causes problems, valve replacement surgery may be necessary. Surgeons look to two trials on new approaches to improve on patient outcomes.

Female lab technician sitting at a microscope.

Can Disrupted Sleep Make Your Cancer Worse?

Tags: cancer, immune system, research, sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, stress, study

We know disturbed sleep can result in lowered alertness the next day. While a recent study suggests serious repercussions for cancer patients, its value may lie in providing a basis for more research.

child's arm with broken bones

Regrowing Growth Plates: A Fix for Kids’ Injuries?

Tags: bone density, broken bone, cartilage, growth plates, innovation, research

Some growth plate injuries cause kids’ arm and leg bones to prematurely stop growing. Cleveland Clinic researchers hope to translate test tube findings into the ability to regenerate damaged growth plates in kids’ bodies.

vitamin d

‘Sunshine Vitamin’ Holds Promise for MS Patients

Tags: MS, multiple sclerosis, research, study, vitamin D, vitamin d deficiency

A new study suggests that vitamin D levels for patients in the early stages of multiple sclerosis strongly predict the severity of the incurable disease and how quickly it progresses.

Good night's sleep

For a Healthy Heart: Get Enough Sleep

Tags: cardiovascular health, heart attack, heart disease, research, risk factors, sleep

Did you know you may be consuming extra calories that can lead to weight gain if you’re not getting enough sleep? Research in the last 50 years is unearthing just how important sleep is to heart health.

illustration of two helmets colliding

Spinal Cord: The Concussion You’ve Never Heard Of

Tags: brain health, cervical cord neurapraxia (CCN), concussion, curvature of spine, research, spinal cord, spinal surgery, spine, sports injuries

Concussions can strike the upper spinal cord as well as the brain, and football players are especially susceptible. The long-term effects of spinal cord concussions aren’t known, so careful return-to-play guidance is key.