Should You Take Vitamins for Eye Health?

Tags: Age-related macular degeneration, AMD, cataracts, dry eye, eye health, glaucoma, supplements, vitamins

There’s no question vitamin deficiencies can cause eye problems. But how strong is the evidence linking vitamin supplements to eye health?

Bergamot May Lower Cholesterol

Bergamot Extract May Lower Your Cholesterol

Tags: antioxidant, bergamot, cholesterol, dr frid, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, statin, supplements

Preliminary studies show the citrus fruit bergamot may effectively lower cholesterol without the undesirable side effects of statins.

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Have You Taken Up Yoga Lately? So Has Everyone Else

Tags: fish oil, massage, meditation, reiki, stress, supplements, yoga

If you've taken up yoga lately, you're joining a growing number of Americans who have taken up the practice in recent years. A new survey says the number of people in the U.S. practicing yoga has nearly doubled since 2002.

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FDA Issues Warning on Concussion Supplements

Tags: brain health, Concussions, FDA, head injury sports injury, sports injuries, supplements, vitamins and supplements

If it were only that easy: take a pill and avoid a concussion. Problem is, no scientific evidence supports the claim that any dietary supplement is effective in the treatment or prevention of concussion.

Statin Myths

9 Myths About Statins

Tags: cholesterol, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, heart health, statins, supplements

There is so much information swirling around about statins that it's no surprise that patients don't know what to believe. Find the facts about this commonly prescribed but often misunderstood drug.


Do You Really Need a Vitamin D Supplement?

Tags: bone mineral density (BMD), broken bone, fractures, osteoporosis, supplements, vitamin D

A new study says that taking vitamin D supplements for protection against osteoporosis isn’t necessary for most healthy adults. But here’s why many should still take them.

vitamins you may be overdoing

5 Vitamins You Might Be Overdoing

Tags: healthy diet, multivitamins, supplements, vitamins

Getting nutrients in a supplement rather than food is not always the best way to improve your health. Here are five vitamins and minerals you may be overdoing if you pop them as pills.

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5 Vitamins You Might Be Missing

Tags: diet, healthy diet, supplements, vitamins, vitamins and supplements

Vitamin deficiencies are less of a concern today, but insufficiency can still put you at risk. If you’re missing the following five vitamins, learn how to add them to your diet.

Calcium label

3 Simple Tips for Reading a Calcium Label

Tags: calcium, osteoporosis, supplements

Learn how to sort through supplement options to get the right dose of this crucial mineral.


Multivitamins: Are They Worth It?

Tags: Be Well e-News, nutrition, supplements, vitamins

About 40 percent of Americans take daily vitamins, but do they help prevent illness? One expert says that studies show that multivitamins won’t protect most people against common diseases.