Should You Take Vitamins for Eye Health?

There’s no question that vitamin deficiencies can cause eye problems. But do you need vitamins or supplements as a result? That’s an important question. If your diet is missing the key vitamins or nutrients you need on a day-to-day basis — or you have a diagnosed deficiency that increases your disease risk — your doctor … Read More

Bergamot Extract May Lower Your Cholesterol

The extract from the Italian citrus fruit bergamot successfully reduced cholesterol levels in recent studies, The Wall Street Journal recently reported. The supplement allowed study participants to cut back on statin dosages as well. Pucker power Commonly used as a flavoring in Earl Grey tea, the extract of the bitter citrus fruit bergamot was shown … Read More

FDA Issues Warning on Concussion Supplements

If it were only that easy: take a pill and avoid a concussion. Problem is, no scientific evidence supports the claim that any dietary supplement is effective in the treatment or prevention of concussion. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent out a strong warning recently about dietary supplements that claim to help you avoid … Read More

9 Myths About Statins

While statins are often prescribed, they are also often misunderstood – especially when it comes to their safety. Here are 9 common myths about statins and the truth about them: Myth 1: Statins will hurt your ability to exercise Statins and exercise are both good for heart health. Most people are not affected by statins … Read More

Do You Really Need a Vitamin D Supplement?

Researchers analyzing hundreds of studies say vitamin D supplements won’t protect healthy, middle-aged adults from osteoporosis. And even worse, they say the supplements may increase the risk of death from other diseases. But make sure you aren’t deficient in vitamin D before you stop taking the supplement, say Cleveland Clinic bone health experts. “The take-home … Read More

5 Vitamins You Might Be Overdoing

Americans aren’t eating as many fruits and vegetables as we should be. In fact, Americans nationwide are significantly below the fruit and vegetable consumption guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the USDA. Enter supplements. As people seek alternative sources of crucial vitamins and minerals, supplement intake has skyrocketed. Supplements … Read More

5 Vitamins You Might Be Missing

When we think of sickness in America, scurvy isn’t exactly at the top of the list — because most of us get vitamin C in our diets. Unlike our ancestors, we typically don’t have to worry about serious vitamin deficiency disorders. But that does not mean we get all the essential vitamins and minerals we … Read More

3 Simple Tips for Reading a Calcium Label

If you know you should be taking calcium for healthy bones, but you’re not sure what type or how much to take, you’re not alone. All too often, people misread a supplement label and don’t get the amount — or type — they need, says Chad Deal, MD, who treats osteoporosis at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. … Read More

Multivitamins: Are They Worth It?

If you’ve taken daily multivitamins for years, you’re not alone — about 40 percent of Americans do. In 2009, we spent $27 billion on multivitamins, and today we probably spend even more. But do multivitamins work? Experts disagree. Some think that multivitamins supply nutrients missing from our diets. Others think that multivitamins are a crutch … Read More