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female wearing super hero cape standing in front a crowd of people
December 14, 2023/Mental Health

You’re the Star of the Show With Main Character Syndrome

Being the center of attention doesn’t mean you have to exile your guest stars

person balancing on a smiley face while juggling other emotions
August 20, 2023/Mental Health

Emotions: How To Express What You Feel

Enjoyment, sadness, disgust, fear and anger are just the beginning of your emotions

Women sitting at a table and talking
August 2, 2023/Mental Health

What Is an Empath? And 4 Signs You Are One

You display empathy, have good intuition and are considered caring and sensitive

Giant hand holding a sensitive person.
January 19, 2023/Mental Health

What Is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

When you’re deeply sensitive to certain physical, emotional or social situations


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Women sit on steps and talk boundaries in relationships
July 11, 2022/Sex & Relationships

How To Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Healthy boundaries are important to put in place for friends, family and co-workers

Man sitting across a young boy, talking and holding his hands in comfort.
April 20, 2022/Children's Health

How To Stop Yelling at Your Kids & Get Them To Listen Without Bribing

Take a deep breath and read these pediatrician-approved tips

A despondent person holds their cell phone in one hand while clutching their other hand to their face in exhaustion.
January 31, 2022/Mental Health

What Is Burnout?

Here’s how to deal with feeling physically and emotionally tired

A parent with two arguing children
October 18, 2021/Mental Health

How to Tell if You Have a Toxic Parent

An expert explains what to look for

woman daughter doing laundry together
April 21, 2021/Women's Health

How Women Who Do It All Can Combat Burnout

How to beat burnout and ask for help

sad trapped woman
September 3, 2020/Mental Health

How To Heal From Emotional Abuse

Regain your footing so you can move forward

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