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Recipe: Raspberry-Lemon Ice Pops

Gelatin powder adds a sneaky protein kick to these sweet frozen treats. They’re perfect as post-workout recovery fuel, and an easy and delicious way to get key nutrients into busy kids.

Recipe: Skillet Tofu with Broccoli and Peppers

This is a tasty and super-easy meal that can be on the table in less than 20 minutes. Lots of swaps are also possible. If you like, use 1 pound of chicken or beef in place of the tofu, and use whatever vegetables you have available.

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Should You Try the Whole30 Diet?

Have you been hearing a lot about the Whole30 diet? This 30-day elimination diet involves giving up alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains, dairy, and legumes. There are many health claims about this diet, so we asked a dietitian to help us sort things out.