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How to Make Extraordinary Oats Overnight (Infographic)

If you’re looking for a simple breakfast that is healthy and keeps you full until lunch, look no further. Try overnight oats – or oats soaked in water, milk or yogurt overnight then topped with your choice of ingredients. Below are 7 flavorful combinations to get you off to a good start.    

10 Ways to Build a Better Bowl of Oatmeal (Slideshow)

As mornings get cooler, a steaming bowl of oatmeal may be just the thing to get your day off to a good start. Plain oats (though packed with cholesterol-lowering and blood-sugar steadying soluble fiber) can get a tad monotonous. With these 10 tips from Cleveland Clinic dietitian Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, you can mix … Read More

Simple, Easy Ways to Stay Fit While You Travel

When you travel, it can be hard to keep a routine of exercise and eating healthy. Time changes, new surroundings, and a packed schedule can all interfere. But even small changes can make a difference in your health and give you energy while you are away from home. The key is to keep things simple. … Read More

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