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Recipe Adventure: Breakfasts to Power Start Your Day

A collection of recipes worth waking up for

Cup of coffee at sunrise.

Breakfast is regarded by many as the most important meal of the day — and it shows when reviewing the list of this year’s most-read Health Essentials recipes.


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The Top 5 recipes all serve as great ways to start your day, followed closely by numerous other breakfast-themed dishes. (Apparently, many folks want more than just a poured bowl of cereal in the a.m.)

To keep the before-coffee online searching to a minimum, here’s a collection of recipes to sample with the sunrise. They’re so tasty that they may convince the 15% of people who regularly skip breakfast to reconsider.

Smooth moves

Closeup of a banana kale smoothie

Whirring a blender to make breakfast seems to be the go-to move for many people. The most popular Health Essentials recipe is a brilliantly green smoothie featuring nutrient-rich kale and bananas.

Not into kale? No worries! Try this popular smoothie pairing banana with assorted berries. Or follow this recipe and let bananas fly solo.

In general, smoothies offer a lot of room for experimentation with your favorite fruits and vegetables. For tips on putting together healthy and tasty smoothies, try these tips from a registered dietitian.

Tropical delight

recipe oats mango coconut nuts

No matter where you wake up, catch a tropical vibe with this breakfast bowl built with mango chunks, coconut flakes and whole-grain oats. It’s enough to turn a breakfast table into your own island retreat.

Dessert first

recipe chia pudding with fruit

Pudding for breakfast? That’s the idea behind this chia-and-berry breakfast pudding that’s absolutely loaded with protein, fiber and healthy omega-3 fats. (FYI: This dish requires advance prep the night before.)


oatmeal and fresh fruit

If you have two minutes, you have enough time to make supercharged oatmeal to blast into your day. A tablespoon of flaxseed really kicks this dish up a notch nutritionally.

Stylish eats

Healthy Recipes, Avocado Toast, Vegetarian, Avocado

This twist on avocado toast includes radishes, cucumber and dill, leading to a plated meal that brings to mind a colorful work of art. It may be as enjoyable for your eyes as it is for your taste buds.

Breakfast fried rice?

Fried rice with scrambled eggs

Fried rice might not be on your idea list for breakfast food … but maybe it should be. This recipe brings together brown rice, vegetables and scrambled eggs for a belly-filling treat. (The flavor trio of ginger, garlic and green onion promises to make it memorable, too.)

Getting nutty

Banana nut muffin with bananas in background

Muffins are made for mornings. Bake these nutty banana muffins on Sunday and know you’ll be able to start the work week with a ready-to-go treat. (The only problem with that plan is hoping they’re not all gobbled up before Monday.)

Pancake power

cottage cheese pancakes with fruit and syrup

Ditch the store-bought box of pancake mix and whip up these cottage cheese pancakes for your skillet. Add some berries and real maple syrup and you’ll reach taste nirvana.

Want some more pancake ideas? Pick something from this collection of flapjack recipes.


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