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Tag: paleo recipe

Bowl of chopped sweet potatoes, avocados and mangoes with slices of lemon
November 23, 2021/Nutrition

The Pegan Diet: Does It Work — and What Can You Eat?

Learn the benefits of going pegan and how to follow the diet

A cast-iron skillet filled with scrambled eggs, herbs and tomatoes
June 29, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Scrambled Eggs With Tomatoes, Herbs and Goat Cheese

A quick and easy protein-packed meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner

recipe: compound butter with herbs
February 22, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Compound Butter With Fresh Herbs

Use this good-quality fat to enhance the flavor of your meat dishes

recipe clam chowder with coconut milk
February 4, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Clam Chowder With Coconut Milk

Try a tasty meal made with canned or fresh steamed clams


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A pan of butternut squash mixed with tomatoes, eggs and green herbs
January 18, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Butternut Squash Paleo Breakfast Hash

A paleo-style dish that's perfect for brunch

A close-up photo of deviled eggs with paprika sprinkled on top of mashed yolks
January 4, 2021/Recipes

Recipe: Healthy Deviled Eggs

So satisfying and simple and only 15 minutes to make

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