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Tag: relationship advice

yin-yang-type hands in black and red
April 30, 2024/Sex & Relationships

What Are Karmic Relationships?

Don’t let the romantic terminology fool you: Karmic relationships are dysfunctional by definition

person sitting in a growing flower, as they're watering the pot from above
February 9, 2024/Mental Health

Self-Love: Why It’s Important and What You Can Do To Love Yourself

Like being your own best friend in times of trouble, self-love is an act of self-preservation

person showing hickey on their neck
January 4, 2024/Skin Care & Beauty

How To Get Rid of Your Hickey, Fast

This type of bruise might benefit from warm compresses, but time is really the healing key

hoovering hand reaching out to partner
September 21, 2023/Mental Health

What Is Hoovering? 7 Signs and How To Handle It

This manipulative tactic sucks people back into destructive relationships


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person standing in front of a stone wall
September 17, 2023/Mental Health

Deconstructing Stonewalling

This toxic approach to conflict is unintentional or intentional and verbal or nonverbal

Person on smartphone reading texts, but not really engaging with other person.
August 24, 2023/Sex & Relationships

How To Identify and Address Breadcrumbing

This toxic behavior uses the principle of intermittent reinforcement to keep you invested

Couple sitting on sofa watching TV
July 24, 2023/Sex & Relationships

Situationships: What They Are and 5 Signs You’re in One

Communication and honesty are key to all relationships, even in ‘gray zone’ situationships

Loving couple embracing and laughing while relaxing on a couch.
June 5, 2023/Sex & Relationships

12 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Communication is key, but so is kindness

Couple sitting in front of office building laughing and flirting over coffee.
January 22, 2023/Sex & Relationships

When Sparks Fly: How To Navigate Falling in Love at First Sight

Intense longing and extreme physical attraction can happen within seconds of seeing someone

Someone being passive aggressive to a group of people.
December 4, 2022/Mental Health

How To Tell if You (or Someone Else) Are Being Passive-Aggressive

Catching and responding to passive-aggressive behavior can be difficult

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