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For Females With Autism, Differences Matter

Contributor: Thomas Frazier, II, PhD  When you think of “autism,” does a male child come to mind? It’s understandable if you answer “yes.” Past estimates have suggested that for every female on the autism spectrum, there are three to four males. On the high-functioning end of the spectrum, estimates have been even higher — in … Read More

If You Have High Blood Pressure, Salt Still Matters

For decades, you’ve heard the advice: Cut down on salt because it’s bad for your heart — not to mention your kidneys and other organs. But if you follow health news, you know recent research has questioned this conventional wisdom. Several studies show evidence that if you are otherwise healthy, taking drastic measures to reduce … Read More

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Can Exercise Reduce Your Cancer Risk?

There’s more evidence linking activity level to good health.  A new study shows that middle-aged men with a high level of cardiovascular fitness have a lower incidence of lung and colon cancers.  They’re also less likely to die from their cancer. “More and more data is coming out that regular exercise is important to prevent … Read More

Is Alcohol Really Good for You?

If you enjoy having a drink, you may perk up when you read a headline touting the health benefits of alcohol. But you also may wonder — how strong is the science behind the headlines? It is true that multiple peer-reviewed studies have linked moderate drinkers with lower risks of heart disease and longer life … Read More