Menopause: Solutions to 8 Miserable Symptoms (Infographic)

Menopause: Solutions to 8 Miserable Symptoms (Infographic)

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Discover the most common symptoms of menopause, from hallmark hot flashes to skin and hair changes. Then get our expert's recommendations on hormone therapy and other solutions.

Why Do We Sweat? #infographic

Why We Sweat (Infographic)

Tags: excessive sweating, heart attack, hyperhidrosis, infographic, menopause, stress

Learn about sweat, the body's natural coolant. Discover what happens when sweat meets bacteria. Learn how sweat can signal disease, and when to seek help.

How many calories are really in your favorite foods? #infographic

Are Your Favorite Foods Too High in Calories? (Infographic)

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Just like sticker shock when you’re shopping for a car, you can get "tracker shock" when you’re trying to lose weight. Here are satisfying swaps for 13 surprisingly unhealthy foods.

6 types of #tea that will make you healthier. #infographic

Beyond Superfoods: 6 Health-Boosting Teas (Infographic)

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More and more studies are pointing to the health benefits of tea. Black tea may be America's favorite, but our dietitian suggests trying six other with health benefits your body will appreciate.

8 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating (Infographic)

8 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating (Infographic)

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Enjoy these sensible and sometimes surprising tips for healthy eating throughout the holidays. Learn how to stay on course at parties, at home and at work (anywhere holiday goodies abound)!

How dirty is the movie theater?

Movie Plans? 5 Tips for Infection Protection (Infographic)

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When you take the family to a holiday blockbuster, it’s fun to be frightened by on-screen predators. But remember to take precautions against microscopic organisms that may be lurking in the theater.

If you want to be heart-healthy this Thanksgiving, consider these tips from our Heart & Vascular Institute dietitians for preparing lighter versions of your favorite foods.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Serve This, Not That (Infographic)

Tags: healthy eating, holiday season, infographic, Thanksgiving

Overeating Thanksgiving dinner has become a national pastime. Learn how to lighten the calories and fat in the traditional foods you love.

4 Steps for Safe Preparation of Your Holiday Bird (Infographic)

Thanksgiving Time: Know the Steps for Preparing the Turkey (Infographic)

Tags: fall, food safety, holiday season, infographic, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and your turkey is safety stored in the freezer. Soon you're going to need to start thinking about preparation. You'll want to follow these four easy steps to cooking a healthy and delicious turkey dinner.

organ transplant illustration

Why Donate Organs? (Infographic)

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Every 10 minutes, a new person adds his or her name to the national waiting list for an organ transplant. Some people die waiting, while many of us don’t even realize we can help.

Discover how face transplant helps rebuild lives and who might benefit. #facetransplant

Face Transplant: Rebuilding Lives (Infographic)

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In July 2014, the face was approved as an organ for transplant. Discover how face transplant helps rebuild lives and who might benefit. Learn about the special consent required, and how you can help.