How Mixing Medicine and Alcohol Can Harm You

If your physician asks you how many alcoholic drinks you consume every day, there’s good reason to be precise. If you are taking medication, consuming alcoholic drinks regularly could create serious health problems. But a recent analysis of data from more than 26,000 adults age 20 and older showed that more than 40 percent of … Read More

Heart Patients: 3 Common Medications You May Need to Avoid

If you’re being treated for a heart condition, medicine cabinet staples such as aspirin and ibuprofen may not be good for you. The same goes for certain antibiotics. Studies have found that these common medications can increase risk of bleeding, clotting, arrhythmia and even death for some heart patients. Know the risks before you take: … Read More

Use This Emergency First-Aid Kit Checklist to Be Prepared

You can’t predict when a natural disaster like a hurricane or blizzard will strike. What you can do is prepare for it in case it does. Having the right medical supplies, basic items and an emergency plan to coordinate with family members will help make dealing with damage from a severe storm a little more … Read More

Drugs Can Help You with Lupus-Related Hair Loss (Video)

About six out of 10 lupus patients experience hair loss, which can be both physically disfiguring and emotionally trying at a time when they’re battling a host of other symptoms. This hair loss occurs due to the body rejecting the hair follicles, not because of emotional or physical stress. In this video, rheumatologist Howard R. Smith, MD, describes … Read More

Good News If You Have Multiple Sclerosis: Generic Medication

Updated 4/17/2015 For people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), medications are often costly. The good news is that as patents expire, it opens the possibility for generic versions to become available. Generic medications are cheaper for consumers, and that’s a big help. But they also must be equally safe and effective. In the case of the … Read More

New Medications May Stop Your Recurrent Pericarditis

New medications may provide new options for pericarditis patients, including those in their teens. A common cause of chest pain in young patients, pericarditis is an inflammation of the sac or lining of the heart. Recurrent pericarditis can occur in up to 30 percent of pericarditis patients. Some patients don’t respond well to traditional medications … Read More