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Tips for Parents: Managing Medications at Home

Tags: child safety, growing pains of parenting, medications

Keep these medications on hand and store them properly so you’ll be prepared for your child’s common aches, pains and illnesses throughout the year.

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Kids and Codeine: Why Genetics Matter for Medication

Tags: children's health, medications, pain, pain management, pain medication, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics

The FDA issued a boxed warning for codeine prescribed to children after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. It’s the perfect example of how genetics matter when prescribing medication.

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Heart Meds and the Foods We Eat

Tags: cholesterol, diabetes, enews, exercise, healthy diet, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, medications

Don’t undermine the effectiveness of your heart medications. Taking one pill cannot save us from bad habits. Find out what you need to do for a healthier heart.

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One Pill to Simplify Heart Disease Prevention

Tags: heart disease, medications

Most patients with cardiovascular disease don’t take their recommended medications long-term. What if their medicines for coronary disease and stroke were combined into one ‘superpill’?


No. 7 Innovation: Hope for Acute Heart Failure (Video)

Tags: heart failure, medications, serelaxin, Top 10 Innovations for 2014

The drug serelaxin is on track to become the first treatment breakthrough for acute heart failure in two decades.

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New Weight-Loss Drugs, More Rigorous Standards

Tags: diet, medical innovations, medications, obesity, Top 10 Innovations for 2013

New and existing drugs offer hope for diabetes management, but no cure for the disease. Metabolic syndrome patients have more options, and more complications, with drugs. Learn about weight-management drugs in development.

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Getting Aggressive Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tags: arthritis, drugs, medications, rheumatoid arthritis

In some cases, doctors can stop — and even reverse — the damage of rheumatoid arthritis with a combination of medications.

Treat your medications like chocolate

A Pill Box — of Chocolates

Tags: chocolate, health number, medication, medications

No, they aren't usually sweet. But medications are certainly at least as carefully made as a box of fine chocolates. It's important to store them carefully, especially out of the heat.

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Treat Your Medicines like Chocolate

Tags: heart and vascular institute, medications, news

Many people think nothing of leaving their fragile medications on the car seat on a blazing summer afternoon – with the result that the medications lose some of their potency and become worthless against whatever they were prescribed for.


Self-prescribed Aspirin Comes with Risks

Tags: aspirin, Aspirin and heart attack, heart attack, medications, news, stroke

Many heart patients do aspirin therapy as prescribed by their doctors as a preventive measure. But as more people self prescribe aspirin in an effort to be heart healthy, it is important for a doctor to review your case and determine that aspirin is appropriate for you.