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Medication Not Working? Your DNA May Explain Why (Infographic)

Tags: codeine, genomics, medication, medications, pain medication, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenomics

A drug that worked wonders for your neighbor triggers nasty side effects in you — or triggers no effects at all. Learn why certain drugs come with special warnings and tests.

Child with autism

Can Medication Help With Your Child’s Autism?

Tags: ADHD, ASD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, autism spectrum disorder, medication, medications

When aggression, self-injury or other symptoms get in the way of your child’s social and academic development, medications offer extra help.


How to Avoid Surprising Risks of OTC Pain Medications

Tags: chronic pain, fruits and vegetables, healthy weight, heart attack, kidney disease, liver disease, medications, NSAIDs, over the counter medications OTC, pain medication, stroke, ulcers, vitamins and supplements

For common, occasional aches and pain, an over-the-counter oral medication often does the trick. But experts warn people with chronic, ongoing pain to avoid long-term use. Find other options for long-term pain.

Mom with pharmacist

Avoid Grocery or Pharmacy Clinics for Your Kids’ Care

Tags: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, medications, pharmacy

Clinics at groceries and pharmacies may be convenient, but they're the wrong place for kids' care, say pediatricians. Here's why retail-based clinics can't substitute for consistent pediatric care.

medicines in cabinet

Tips for Parents: Managing Medications at Home

Tags: child safety, growing pains of parenting, medications

Keep these medications on hand and store them properly so you’ll be prepared for your child’s common aches, pains and illnesses throughout the year.

Child in doctor's waiting room

Kids and Codeine: Why Genetics Matter for Medication

Tags: children's health, medications, pain, pain management, pain medication, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics

The FDA issued a boxed warning for codeine prescribed to children after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. It’s the perfect example of how genetics matter when prescribing medication.

healthy lifestyle

Heart Meds and the Foods We Eat

Tags: cholesterol, diabetes, enews, exercise, healthy diet, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, medications

Don’t undermine the effectiveness of your heart medications. Taking one pill cannot save us from bad habits. Find out what you need to do for a healthier heart.

mystery pill in packaging

One Pill to Simplify Heart Disease Prevention

Tags: heart disease, medications

Most patients with cardiovascular disease don’t take their recommended medications long-term. What if their medicines for coronary disease and stroke were combined into one ‘superpill’?


No. 7 Innovation: Hope for Acute Heart Failure (Video)

Tags: heart failure, medications, serelaxin, Top 10 Innovations for 2014

The drug serelaxin is on track to become the first treatment breakthrough for acute heart failure in two decades.

medication bottles and an apple

New Weight-Loss Drugs, More Rigorous Standards

Tags: diet, medical innovations, medications, obesity, Top 10 Innovations for 2013

New and existing drugs offer hope for diabetes management, but no cure for the disease. Metabolic syndrome patients have more options, and more complications, with drugs. Learn about weight-management drugs in development.