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Is Your Desk Messy or Tidy? Find Out What It May Say About You

Tags: chronic stress, stress, stress management, workplace health

Do you keep you keep your desk tidy or do you take a more relaxed attitude? Researchers find that personality traits like creativity, free thinking, and generosity could be reflected in how we keep our desks.

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Got Stress? How You Can Start Dealing With It Now

Tags: meditation, stress, stress management, yoga

We all have stress — but we don't all know how to deal with it. Start by tackling the basics.

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Stress?

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Stress — we all deal with it. But when is stress a threat, and what can you do about it? Test your knowledge in this quiz.

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Yoga, Positive Thinking Make Hearts Healthier

Tags: heart health, stress management, yoga

Meditating calms you down, but did you know that thinking positive thoughts can build heart health? Yoga and mindfulness both improve your odds against cardiovascular disease, a study says.

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5 Hacks to De-stress Your Life (Slideshow)

Tags: anger management, slideshow, stress, stress management

Stress is everywhere in our jam-packed modern lives. Fortunately, so are techniques for dealing with stress.


8 Healthy Back-to-School Resolutions

Tags: back to school, children’s health, doctor’s appointments, exercise, healthy diet, stress management

Use tips to make this school year the healthiest yet — for your children and you.

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7 Ways Stress Strikes Your Body

Tags: family health, stress, stress management, wellness

Your body is like a barometer that raises a red flag when stress is out of control. What’s your body telling you?

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Need Relief From Job Stress? Go Online

Tags: electronics, relaxation, stress, stress management

Now you can go online to reduce your job stress — and it works. Internet-based stress management programs (ISM) in the workplace can effectively reduce stress, says a new Cleveland Clinic study.

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Stress Management for Multiple Sclerosis (Video)

Tags: lesions, MS, multiple sclerosis, stress, stress management

A study finds that people with multiple sclerosis may benefit greatly from stress management, which seemed to slow down or stop new lesions from forming.

The Link Between Stress and Heart Disease

The Link Between Stress and Heart Disease

Tags: anxiety, fear, heart attack, heart disease, prevention, stress, stress management

Steven Nissen, MD, talks about the important lesson war has taught us about stress and its effect on the heart. Learn what you can do to manage stress.