MENtion It: The Importance of Men’s Health

You’d do anything for your loved ones. But what about you? When you have a health concern, don’t keep it to yourself. Explore tips from our experts and learn why you should confide in your healthcare provider when you first notice symptoms.

doctor standing in front of a calendar holding clipboard
Men's Health

Physical Exams for Men: What To Expect

Screenings and tests done during a wellness check can uncover hidden health issues

male getting an annual check up
Men's Health

Most Common Health Issues for Men

It’s important to watch for and guard against conditions like heart disease and cancer

Preventive Care

Men's Health

How To Check Yourself for Testicular Cancer

A self-exam takes only two minutes once a month

Man looking at smartphone while sitting on bed scheduling an appointment online.
Men's Health

When (and Why) You Should Start Seeing a Urologist  

Manage your sexual health and urinary function with annual appointments starting at age 40

Illustration of a scope in the colon finding a polyp

Why You Should Get a Colonoscopy (Even When You Don’t Want To)

The exam that can stop cancer cold

Common Concerns

Male taking medication with water.
Men's Health

Can Drugs Lower Your Sperm Count?

Various prescription medications and recreational drugs can have an impact

Man pouring wine.
Men's Health

What Can (and Can’t) Cause Low Testosterone

Vasectomies and masturbation don't lower your testosterone levels

man checking his weight by looking in the mirror BMI
Men's Health

BMI for Men: Does the Math Work?

When — and when not — to trust BMI calculators

Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Men's Health

Considering a Vasectomy? How To Know if the Time Is Right — and What To Expect

This simple, permanent procedure may be the way to go

Men's Health

16 Common Questions About Erectile Dysfunction Answered 

If you’re having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, you’re not alone — and there’s help 

Physician discussing health issues with patient during appointment.
Urinary & Kidney

What Your Penis Says About Your Health

Changes in penis performance or appearance may signal heart issues, diabetes and more

Urinary Concerns

Man in a doctor's office.
Men's Health

Men Ask: “Why Am I Peeing So Much?”

An enlarged prostate, diuretics and bladder irritants can all contribute

Zoom in on men's restroom sign.
Urinary & Kidney

Common Bladder Problems in Men and How To Treat Them

An overactive bladder, UTI, kidney stones or an enlarged prostate can affect how you urinate

Older man sweating uncomfortably.
Men's Health

What Help Is Available for Men Who Have Trouble Urinating?

Advice to help you go with the flow