You First: Why Women's Health Matters


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Taking Care of You

A snapshot of a waiting room at a women's health clinic.
Defining Women’s Health

Inclusion is at the heart of women’s health

Busy mom helps children with homework while holding baby, working on computer and talking on phone.
Got Mom Guilt? Here’s How To Navigate It

Caring for your own well-being and setting manageable expectations can dispel that feeling

Woman with doctor in exam room during a well-visit.
Well-Woman Exams: Who Needs Them and What To Expect

Annual preventive exams will do more than just check your health ‘down there’

Investing in Self-Care

illustration of woman performing yoga
Self-Care Isn’t Selfish: 17 Tips for Making Yourself a Priority

You may need a mental shift to start caring for your physical and mental well-being

man on back greathing quilckly holotropic breathing
Should You Try Holotropic Breathwork? Here’s What It Does

This deep breathing technique can help you work through those big emotions

woman practicing yoga and taking care of herself
Self-Care: Small & Powerful Ways to Celebrate You

Why it matters and how to actually do it

Exploring Common Women's Health Concerns

Upset woman sitting in bed at night.
Bleeding After Sex: What You Should Know

Vaginal dryness, cervicitis, infectious conditions and other cervical issues could be culprits

Woman performing breast exam on herself.
When Should I Be Concerned About a Lump in My Breast?

Any mass or abnormal area that you feel for more than three days should be checked out

An illustrated person stands with their arms crossed surrounded by graphics of microorganisms.
Are Probiotics Good for Vaginal Health?

Maintain a healthy vaginal microbiota with the help of good bacteria

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Woman getting handed a tampon.
All of Your Tampon Questions Answered

From using one at night to how often you should change them

Woman relaxing by a menstrual calendar.
Infradian Rhythms: What They Are and Why They Matter

Infradian rhythms, like the menstrual cycle, are biological cycles that impact your health

A chaste tree.
What Is Chasteberry, and What Can It Do?

It may help with hormonal issues, like PMS, irregular periods and breast pain

Navigating Perimenopause and Menopause

Mid 40's woman sitting on back porch.
Do My Period Changes Mean Perimenopause?

Before menopause, there’s an amount of time when your menstrual cycles are unpredictable

Middle-aged woman on yoga mat at home.
What To Expect in Each Stage of Menopause

A natural part of aging, there are typically three stages of menopause

Woman taking calcium supplements.
Supplements for Menopause Symptoms: Are They Safe?

Stay away from over-the-counter aids unless your doctor specifically recommends them