U.S. News & World Report ranks Cleveland Clinic No. 5 hospital in the Nation

Cleveland Clinic Ranks No. 1 in Heart Care for 21 Years

Ranked No. 5 hospital in the nation overall

This Simple Trick Stops Avocados From Turning Brown (Video)

This Simple Trick Stops Avocados From Turning Brown (Video)

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Avocados seem to begin turning brown the moment you cut into them. Watch to learn a simple trick to preventing this from happening.

Recipe: Lighter Thai Vegetable Massaman Curry

Recipe: Lighter Thai Vegetable Massaman Curry

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This savory Thai vegetarian dish offers a flavorful, healthy dinner or lunch option. Serve over a whole grain, such as brown rice or couscous, for extra fiber and vitamins.

Back to School Checklist for Parents

“PREP” Now For an A+ Start This Fall (Infographic)

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Before the pool closes, consider doing some "PREP" work to guarantee you and your family a seamless start to the school year.

Stanley with doctor

This Magnetic System Eases the Need for Scoliosis Surgery (Video)

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This 6-year-old may not understand how the magnetic rod in his back treats his scoliosis. But he definitely looked forward to attending summer camp for the first time ever — instead of having surgery.

sex after hip replacement

Surprising Benefit of Hip Replacement: A Better Sex Life

Tags: hip replacements, joint pain, orthopaedic, sex, sexual health

For people in need of hip replacement, sex can be extremely painful. The good news is that once the joint is replaced, you can resume having sex within six to eight weeks – and it’s often better than it’s been for years.

4 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Avoid Stinky Feet

4 Sure-Fire Ways You Can Avoid Stinky Feet

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When temperatures rise, your body perspires more, and that includes your feet. Shoes plus hot weather equals foot odor – or even athlete’s foot. Find out how to keep your feet healthy and free of strong odor.

slices of watermelon

Choose a Perfectly Ripe Watermelon — Here’s How (Video)

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When you're looking at a bin full of watermelons, how can you tell which one is going to be sweet and not mealy? Here are some simple ways to tell.

Steps You Need to Take When Hot Weather, Humidity Hit

Steps You Need to Take When Hot Weather, Humidity Hit  

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Hot summer days can be dangerous for older adults. If this is you, you’re at higher risk than others for dehydration and heat exhaustion when heat and humidity climb.

Dietary Supplements and Heart Health

The Truth About 5 Common Dietary Supplements for Heart Health

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Could taking particular vitamins or supplements be beneficial for peripheral artery disease (PAD)? Get expert advice about five common vitamins and minerals.


How to Spot a Sweet, Ripe Pineapple (Video)

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Do you know how you can tell if a pineapple is ripe? It's not as difficult as you might think. Find tips from a dietitian to help you select a sweet, perfectly ripe fruit from the grocery store.