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Cleveland Clinic Ranks No. 1 in Heart Care for 21 Years

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Top 10 Worst Diet Choices if You Have Diabetes

Tags: blood glucose test, blood sugar, diabetes, hidden sugar, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes

Choices, choices. How your health fares often comes down to the foods you choose to eat. You have the power to make the smart – and yes, delicious food choices – to keep your blood glucose at a healthy level. In this guide, we share the worst -- and some of the best -- food and drink choices if you have diabetes.

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Can Cataract Surgery Free You From Glasses?

Tags: cataracts, eye health, glasses, vision correction

If you have cataracts, they cloud your vision. But if they progress to the point where you need surgery, here is some clarity: Recent advances may help you not only see better but also stop wearing glasses.

Heart in Hands

Heart Transplant Patients Enjoying Longer Lives

Tags: aortic valve replacement surgery, cardiac transplant program, Cardiomyopathy, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, heart surgery, heart transplant

Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiac Transplant Program marked its 30th anniversary in 2014, having performed more than 1,600 heart transplants. This year, one of the program’s patients celebrates his own 30th transplant anniversary.

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick From Contaminated Pools, Lakes

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick From Contaminated Pools, Lakes

Tags: bacteria, bacterial infection, contaminated water, germs, summer, swimming

Bacteria, whether in swimming pools, water parks or lakes, can cause recreational water illnesses like diarrhea and skin infections. Here are three ways to lower your chances of getting sick.

How to Read a Nutrition Label, Make Healthier Choices

How to Read a Nutrition Label, Make Healthier Choices (Video)

Tags: fat, nutrition labels, protein, videos

It's important to pay attention to nutrition labels and to understand each section. A dietitian walks you through a typical nutrition label so you know what to watch for and how to make healthier decisions.

exercise while pregnant

How to Exercise Safely if You Are Pregnant

Tags: exercise, healthy weight, pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, yoga

One of the best things you can do during pregnancy is to continue to work out. It’s shown to help expectant mothers maintain a good weight, avoid the minor discomforts of pregnancy, and improve posture and body mechanics.

This Simple Trick Stops Avocados From Turning Brown (Video)

This Simple Trick Stops Avocados From Turning Brown (Video)

Tags: fruits and vegetables, videos

Avocados seem to begin turning brown the moment you cut into them. Watch to learn a simple trick to preventing this from happening.

Recipe: Lighter Thai Vegetable Massaman Curry

Recipe: Lighter Thai Vegetable Massaman Curry

Tags: fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, Recipes, vegetarian

This savory Thai vegetarian dish offers a flavorful, healthy dinner or lunch option. Serve over a whole grain, such as brown rice or couscous, for extra fiber and vitamins.

Back to School Checklist for Parents

Ready Your Child For an A+ Return to School (Infographic)

Tags: back to school, growing pains of parenting, infographic, parenting, pediatrician, sleep

Before the pool closes, consider taking steps to guarantee you and your family a seamless start to the school year.

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This Magnetic System Eases the Need for Scoliosis Surgery (Video)

Tags: children's health, scoliosis, spine health, treatment, video

This 6-year-old may not understand how the magnetic rod in his back treats his scoliosis. But he definitely looked forward to attending summer camp for the first time ever — instead of having surgery.