5 Simple Ways to Make a Healthy Pizza (Infographic)

5 Simple Ways to Make a Healthy Pizza (Infographic)

New ideas for your crust, toppings

child in emergency room

Pediatric Emergency? The Best Place for Your Little Patient

Tags: emergency, emergency care, growing pains of parenting, pediatrician, pediatrics

Find out why a trip to a pediatric emergency room can be the best choice when your child suffers severe illness or injury.


BRCA1 and Ovarian Cancer: Why Women Choose Preventive Surgery

Tags: BRCA1, BRCA2, breast cancer, cancer, genetic counseling, genetics, ovarian cancer

The decision to have your ovaries and fallopian tubes removed does not come easily. But if you face an alarmingly high genetic risk of ovarian cancer, sometimes this preventive surgery is the right option.

How a Second Opinion Can Help You With a Difficult Diagnosis

How a Second Opinion Can Help You With a Difficult Diagnosis

Tags: diagnosis, Electronic Medical Records, second opinion

In recent entertainment news, celebrities have talked about the importance of seeking a second opinion, when you face a serious medical diagnosis. Find out what you need to know about second opinions and how they can help.

End-of-Life Care: Who Will Speak for You?

End-of-Life Care: Who Will Speak for You?

Tags: advance directive, electronic health records, Electronic Medical Records, healthcare

Our own mortality is something we all must face at some point. It's best to make end-of-life decisions now to guide your loved ones and healthcare providers about what you want at the end of life.

Active seniors taking selfies of them having fun outside in the autumn forest

Do Your Selfies Have You Thinking About Plastic Surgery?

Tags: plastic surgery, social media

One in three facial plastic surgeons in a poll say patients are more aware of their looks because of social media and that this heightened awareness has led to an increase in request for procedures.

Make Your Medical Wishes Known with an Advance Directive

Make Your Medical Wishes Known with an Advance Directive

Tags: advance directive, estate planning

What would happen if you experienced a sudden health crisis and became unable to communicate? If you haven’t filled out an advance directive, you may find yourself – and put your loved ones – in a troubling situation.

woman staring at fancy slice of cake

How You Can Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days (Video)

Tags: artificial sweeteners, healthy diet, sugar, video, videos, weight gain, weight loss

New research shows that sugar is biologically addictive; the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. The good news is that people can break the sugar addiction in 10 days. Watch this video to find out how.


Avoid 8 Common Triggers to Make Your Life With MS Easier

Tags: Crohn's disease, MS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, smoking, stress, urinary tract infection

To help reduce your multiple sclerosis flare-ups, avoid certain triggers, including smoking, excessive heat and fatigue. Read the full list and find out why they can worsen MS.

Moderate Activity May Be All Your Heart Needs

Moderate Activity May Be All Your Heart Needs

Tags: activity, cardiovascular disease, exercise, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health

A recent study shows that moderate physical activity (including walking and doing housework) two or three times per week may be best for cardiovascular health.

Blood tests and test tubes

Is It a Concussion? A Future Blood Test Could Tell

Tags: blood test, brain health, brain injury, concussion, Concussions, s100b

A new blood test may soon be available in the U.S. to determine the severity of a concussion soon after an injury. A Cleveland Clinic researcher discusses what this means for athletes.