#MarchForth -- A Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life


A Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life

6 #smoothies to help you get through #cancer treatment. #infographic

6 Tips for Smoothies When You Have Cancer (Infographic)

Tags: abdominal cancer, cancer diet, cancer patients, cancer survivors, healthy diet, infographic, smoothie

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, your appetite may not be what it used to be. Try our dietitian's tips for making smoothies to get the nutrients you need for treatment and recovery.

Marriage good for your heart

Being Married Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

Tags: heart, heart and vascular institute, heart attack, heart disease, heart health, marriage

Being married could be the ultimate protection for your heart. New studies confirm that being married lowers heart attack risk and improves outcomes after a heart attack.


You’ve Been Diagnosed With Colon Cancer—What’s Next?

Tags: colon, colon cancer, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, rectal cancer

Patients diagnosed with colon cancer have a host of fears and questions about treatments. Get expert information about the prognosis for this disease — and advice for long-term thinking.

breast cancer

Limit Your Infertility Risk After Breast Cancer

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, fertility, infertility, menopause, pregnancy

Research published today highlights a new option for preserving fertility for breast cancer survivors.

Pilot Heart Health

Pilot Heart Health: Keeping You Safe in the Sky

Tags: Cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, heart, heart 411, heart and vascular institute, heart health, mitral valve disease, pacemaker, valve surgery

Any heart-related medical event can be an emergency, and a pilot suffering a heart attack at 35,000 feet puts you at risk as well. Learn what cardiologists and the FAA are doing to keep you safe.

Almonds with leaves

How Almonds Can Improve Your Heart Health

Tags: almond oil, diabetes, fiber, healthy diet, healthy fats, Mediterranean diet, saturated fat

Native to the Mediterranean climate, almonds are a staple of the heart-healthy diet and provide many health benefits. It's true they’re high in fat in general, but they’re packed with healthy monounsaturated fat.

5 Tips to Prevent Colon Cancer in People Under Age 50

5 Tips to Prevent Colon Cancer in People Under Age 50

Tags: colon, colon cancer, colon surgery, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, colorectal surgery, family history, hemorrhoids, polyps

Colorectal cancer rates in people ages 20 to 49 have increased significantly. However, there is a lot people can do to prevent it. Find out what you can do and the symptoms you should never ignore.

New Implantable Device May Help You to Hear Again

New Implantable Device May Help You to Hear Again

Tags: cochlear, ear, hearing, hearing aid, Hearing loss

If you have a certain kind of hearing loss, there may be a new solution that can allow you to hear again. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first device that combines a hearing aid with a cochlear implant.

6 Tips to Protect Your Lips from the Cold

6 Tips to Protect Your Lips from the Cold

Tags: chapped lips, dermatologist, dermatology, skin care, tips for winter weather, winter

Winter can be a brutal time of the year for your lips. The cold air, the chilling wind and dry, heated air inside all conspire to make your smoocher dry and tight. Here are six tips to keep your lips lovely all winter long.

Woman doing kettlebell swing

What a Beginner Should Know About CrossFit

Tags: exercise, fitness

Your friends have been talking about it on Facebook. You saw a commercial or a competition on TV. One of your coworkers swears by it. But what is CrossFit?