Pumpkin Pie Mix

Pumpkin: What to Buy, How to Prep

This squash offers plenty of benefits

Woman With Water Bottle And Towel Smiling In Club

7 Tips to Overcome Asthma When You Exercise

Tags: asthma, asthma attack, exercise, exercise-induced asthma, inhaler, tips for winter weather

If you’re an athlete with asthma, you don't have to hold back. With proper medication and conditioning, you can participate fully in sports.

dog with Santa hat sleeping

7 Ways to Get Better Sleep During the Holidays

Tags: holiday season, holidays, insomnia, sleep, sleep disorders, stress

Try these seven steps for more satisfying sleep this holiday season. When you can maintain healthy sleep habits, you can enjoy the season more fully.

Color of Snot

What the Color of Your Snot Really Means (Infographic)

Tags: nasal congestion

Not sure if you should be concerned about what you see in your tissue? Cleveland Clinic otolaryngologist Raj Sindwani, MD, helps decipher when your nasal discharge signals a health problem.

Dion's baby

How to Fit Work, Rest, MS Into Your New Baby ‘Time Zone’

Tags: childbirth, MS, MS relapse, multiple sclerosis

New moms with multiple sclerosis may have a tougher time than most fighting postpartum fatigue. Find out whether it’s normal or a possible MS relapse.

Beet Salad

Recipe: Roasted Beet Salad With Bacon, Figs and Walnuts

Tags: fruits and vegetables, functional medicine, Recipes

Check out this healthy and easy roasted beet salad with bacon, figs and walnuts from Dr. Mark Hyman. This beet salad is full of bright colors and flavors and perfect for any meal.

Mother and child gift

5 Tips to Help You Choose and Give Safe Holiday Toys

Tags: Be Well e-News, children’s health, holiday season, safety, toy safety

If you're buying toys for youngsters this holiday season, don’t forget to make sure that your gifts are age-appropriate and safe. Here's expert advice on making wise choices.


After Heart Surgery, This Ordinary Drug Could Be Right for Your Chest Pain

Tags: heart and vascular institute, heart surgery, NSAIDs, postpericardiotomy syndrome, pps, surgical trama

Inflamed tissues after heart surgery can cause discomfort, but there’s a solution. Here’s what you can do about postpericardiotomy syndrome.

woman putting credit card in her mouth

How to Deal With Dirty Money and Hidden Credit Card Germs (Video)

Tags: germs, holiday season, holidays, hygiene, staph infection

You know all that money you’re spending over the holidays? It’s jam-packed with germs. So keep your hands clean and your credit cards wiped down.

How dirty is the movie theater?

Movie Plans? 5 Tips for Infection Protection (Infographic)

Tags: cold, germs, holiday season, holidays, virus

When you take the family to a holiday blockbuster, it’s fun to be frightened by on-screen predators. But remember to take precautions against microscopic organisms that may be lurking in the theater.

woman suffering from hangover

5 Foods That Can Beat Your Holiday Hangover

Tags: alcohol, hangovers, holiday season, holidays

Sports drink? Check. Fruit? Check. Gingerbread house? Of course. How to survive the morning after.