#MarchForth -- A Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life


A Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life

New Implantable Device May Help You to Hear Again

New Implantable Device May Help You to Hear Again

Tags: cochlear, ear, hearing, hearing aid, Hearing loss

If you have a certain kind of hearing loss, there may be a new solution that can allow you to hear again. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first device that combines a hearing aid with a cochlear implant.

6 Tips to Protect Your Lips from the Cold

6 Tips to Protect Your Lips from the Cold

Tags: chapped lips, dermatologist, dermatology, skin care, tips for winter weather, winter

Winter can be a brutal time of the year for your lips. The cold air, the chilling wind and dry, heated air inside all conspire to make your smoocher dry and tight. Here are six tips to keep your lips lovely all winter long.

Woman doing kettlebell swing

What a Beginner Should Know About CrossFit

Tags: exercise, fitness

Your friends have been talking about it on Facebook. You saw a commercial or a competition on TV. One of your coworkers swears by it. But what is CrossFit?

7 colonoscopy myths, busted. #coloncancer #marchforth

Colonoscopy Can Stop Cancer Cold (Infographic)

Tags: colon, colon cancer, colon surgery, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, colorectal surgery, infographic, polyps, rectal cancer

Don't buy into the many myths about colonoscopy. Most people don't even remember their exam once it's done. And today's preps are literally easier to swallow.

Sunshine Act

What New Legislation About Physician-Industry Relationships Means to You

Tags: Dr. Clair, healthcare industry, heart, heart and vascular institute, industry relationships, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, Physicians Payments sunshine act

As a health care consumer, there are important details that you should know about a well-intentioned but misguided piece of legislation -- the Physicians Payments Sunshine Act.

Healthy fats avocado nuts

Plant-Based, Lower-Fat Diet May Benefit Kids Most

Tags: A transplant story with heart starts here, blood pressure, cholesterol, healthy diet, heart disease, study, vegan

Researchers have long been telling us that a heart-healthy diet can benefit children as well as adults. A new study shows that these health gains could occur as quickly as in a month.

Whitening. Dental care. Healthy woman white teeth.

Do Teeth-Whitening Kits You Use at Home Really Work?

Tags: dental health, periodontal disease, teeth, teeth whitening, tooth decay

Should you use a teeth whitening kit at home? FInd out about the safety and effectiveness of these whiteners, how the work and five things you should do before using them.

Spoonful of sugar

Why Sugar Can Wreck Your Sex Drive (Video)

Tags: added sugar, relationships, sex, sexual dysfunction, sexual health, stress, sugar

It's sweet and seductive, and we often crave it. But when it comes to your sexual health, it's not so good for you. It's sugar. Find out why sex and sugar don't mix.

Is ‪#‎thedress‬ blue and black or white and gold? Why your eyes are deceiving you.

Blue and Black Dress? Or White and Gold? Depends on Your Eyes

Tags: eye, eye health, eyes, eyesight

We can all agree that it’s a dress. But what color is the dress? The answer may depend on three things: how your eyes are built, the context in which you view the dress, and how your brain perceives color.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Red Peppers (Infographic)

The Amazing Health Benefits of Red Peppers (Infographic)

Tags: #LoveYourHeart, antioxidant, antioxidants, fruits and vegetables, Heart Month, Mediterranean diet, nutrients

Red peppers contain 30 different antioxidants, one of the reasons they are so nutritionally dense. Upping your intake is associated with a decreased risk of stroke. Find out more about what these delicious vegetables offer.