Caffeine and Pregnancy: How Does Caffeine Affect My Baby?

Mom's caffeine and the link to infant sleep problems

If you’re pregnant and like to drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks, it may keep you up at night, but what about your baby? A new Brazilian study finds consuming caffeine during pregnancy does not have an affect on your baby’s sleep during the first three month of life.

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Judith Volkar, MD, did not take part in the study, but says: “What they are hypothesizing in this study is that the mothers drank coffee during their pregnancy as well, and so the babies were very used to having caffeine in their system. They’re not quite sure of that and there’s also a thought that maybe caffeine is not in breast milk nearly as much as they thought it was,” explained Dr. Volkar.

Researchers at the University of Pelotas looked at the Children of nearly 900 women who consumed caffeine in pregnancy. They found caffeine consumption during pregnancy did not affect their baby’s sleep during the first three months. They also looked at women who consumed caffeine and breastfed, and found similar results.

Dr. Volkar says the results support other studies that have shown moderately consuming caffeine during pregnancy is safe. She says, “One cup of average brewed coffee is about 137 milligrams of caffeine and the studies all looked at 200 milligrams as being the cutoff. So if you have just one cup of brewed coffee a day, you should be fine.”

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The complete findings for this study are in the journal Pediatrics.

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