Blood Tests: How’s Your Metabolism? A BMP Can Tell You


Your metabolism affects more than your girth, says family medicine physician Daniel Allan, MD. A basic metabolic panel (BMP) shows how well your body keeps all systems humming. Tap or click to learn more:


BMP: What you should know

“Metabolism involves any way your body converts or uses energy,” explains Dr. Allan. “That includes digestion, breathing, circulation, and functioning of your organs, muscles and nervous system.”

Your doctor can see how well your metabolism is working through your BMP. This blood test is like a scorecard for your kidney function, blood sugar levels and more. And it can offer clues to help detect various diseases.

Don’t worry — abnormal results don’t necessarily mean you’re sick. Medication and other factors can affect your scores. Talk to your doctor about your test results. He or she will explain any areas of concern and help you determine next steps.