Ladies: Is it Natural for You to Enjoy Sex Less as You Age?


Q: I’m in my early 50s. I’m a bit concerned that I sometimes find excuses not to be intimate with my husband because I don’t enjoy sex like I used to. Am I overanalyzing this? Isn’t it natural for sex to become less enjoyable as you age?

A: Of course, our feelings about sex and our bodies will change as we age, but our mechanisms should still be primed for the job. This means you need to ask whether the root of your sexual dissatisfaction is physical, psychological or both.

It’s possible hormone changes causing discomfort are to blame. Or there could be underlying issues inhibiting your brain-body connections that trigger sexual pleasure.

While the answer isn’t simple, you should be able to enjoy sex as long as you can eat and breathe. Even on your 85th birthday, if you like. See your women’s health specialist for help with low sex drive, arousal disorder, painful sex or other problems.

— Women’s health specialist Holly L. Thacker, MD