Why Do Some People’s Belly Buttons Pop Out During Pregnancy?

If it happens to you, don't worry. Your belly button will probably return to normal after your pregnancy!
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Q: Why do some people‘s belly buttons pop out during pregnancy?

A: It doesn’t happen to everyone who’s pregnant, but sometimes a growing fetus in the uterus puts so much pressure on your abdominal wall that your normally “innie” belly button becomes an “outie.” It typically happens in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, most commonly around 26 weeks.

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If it happens to you, don’t worry. It in no way indicates a problem. And your belly button will probably return to normal after your pregnancy.

It’s usually painless — other than when the extended belly button rubs on clothing. If your belly button becomes irritated from rubbing on your shirt or waistband, try covering it with a bandage or wearing a loose dress instead of pants. 

There’s no rhyme or reason to who gets a popped-out belly button. Everyone’s body — and every pregnancy — is different.

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Just don’t confuse this common condition with an umbilical hernia. If your popped-out belly button is painful or there seems to be a bulging mass alongside your belly button, see your doctor.

— Ob/Gyn Karmon James, MD

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