Will Sleeping Naked Help You Sleep Better?

The short answer from a sleep disorders specialist
man sleeping in bed

Q: Can sleeping naked improve your quality of sleep?

A: You may believe you were born with the only pajamas needed for a good night’s sleep, but here’s the naked truth: No research directly confirms that sleeping in the buff leads to a better slumber.

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There is, however, some validity behind the theory – namely regarding how a cooler skin temperature improves sleep quality.

Your body naturally works to lower its thermostat to doze off at night through its circadian rhythm, which regulates the sleep/wake cycle. The faster you cool off, the faster you typically catch some ZZZs, too.

That’s also the reason why sleep experts recommended that you keep your bedroom temperature between 60 and 67 F for optimal snoozing.

So there’s no question that cooler is better than warmer for sleeping.

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Which brings us to the question of going clothing optional.

Stripping down and sleeping naked certainly removes any possibility of pajama-induced overheating interfering with a good night’s rest. It is the absolute final move in shedding layers in order to stay cool.

But going to bed “nearly” naked while wearing lightweight and loose-fitting garments can bring you similar quality sleep results. Tank tops and boxer-style briefs don’t possess a ton of warming qualities.

So which way is best? Ultimately, that’s a matter of personal choice. Sleepwalkers may want to give the idea some extra thought to going au natural, though, and your laundry cycle for bedding may need to quicken with more skin-to-sheet contact.

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But there’s no proven benefit or harm to sleeping naked. Just do what feels right and then rest easy with your decision.

Behavioral sleep disorders specialist Michelle Drerup, PsyD.

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