May 16, 2018

Women’s Shoes: Best and Worst Picks for Problem Feet

Help for plantar fasciitis, neuroma, bunions and more

Women's Shoes: Best and Worst Picks for Problem Feet

What happens when you love shoes but struggle with foot problems? Podiatrist Gina Hild, DPM, shows you which styles are hard (or easy) on your feet. Tap or click on each shoe:


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Shopping for shoes?

Listen to your feet, says Dr. Hild:

  • Pass up flimsy flats. Look for flats with built-in arches or enough room for insoles, especially if your arches are high or low.
  • Keep shopping if any shoe feels tight around your toes, even a flat or athletic shoe.
  • Save those cute flip-flops for the beach. They're not for daily wear.
  • Flat feet? Look for supportive shoes or buy arch supports. "This can sometimes prevent further flattening," she says.
  • Get an expert fit. A qualified shoe expert can measure and fit you with the right shoe (and size) for your foot.

Final tips

  • The kindest shoes: Walking shoes are a treat for the feet. They offer plenty of toe room plus great arch and ankle support.
  • The cruelest shoes: Reserve pointy stilettos for special occasions.

"Heels shift your body forward and can lead to low back pain or arthritis," cautions Dr. Hild. "For height with better support, try wedges."


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