3 Surprising Uses for Botox That Don’t Include Wrinkles

This drug has therapeutic uses, too
4 Surprising Uses for Botox That Don't Include Wrinkles

Most people think of botulinum toxin A, which is sold under the brand name Botox®, as a wrinkle fighter. However, this drug is much more than a wrinkle-reducer. Botulinum toxin A also has therapeutic uses, some of which might surprise you.

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Beyond Wrinkles — Why Botox Works for Jaw Pain and TMJ

When injected into a muscle, Botox blocks nerves in the muscle, which temporarily weakens them. For patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, this reduces the hyperactivity of jaw and related muscles that are working too hard, and helps break the chronic pain cycle. Researchers also have found that Botox can effectively reduce muscular jaw pain in people who had not responded to other conservative treatments.

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Botox Can Offer Women Help for Painful Sex

Botox has the ability to relax contracted muscles and release muscle spasms. Doctors can use Botox to treat muscle spasms in the pelvic floor, which are the muscles that support the organs in the pelvis,  and to ease certain types of pelvic pain, including pain during intercourse. The injections can also treat painful contractions of the vagina referred to as vaginismus.

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These Surprising Overactive Bladder Fixes Go Beyond Medication

It can happen at the most inconvenient time. You need to pee, and it’s got you running for the bathroom. A strong urge to urinate is the hallmark symptom of overactive bladder. Botox injections can help treat this condition by paralyzing muscles in the bladder to prevent accidental urination. While this treatment is often successful, a potential problem is incomplete emptying of the bladder and retention of urine.

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