Colonoscopy: Don’t Believe These 7 Myths (Video)

If you've got a colon, you're at risk for colon cancer

You’ve probably heard a myth or two about colonoscopy, the brief outpatient colon exam. Here, two Cleveland Clinic experts share the truth about this life-saving test. Watch colorectal surgeon Jean Ashburn, MD, and oncologist Michael McNamara, MD, explain the reality behind common myths about colonoscopy and about colorectal cancer itself.

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Myth 1: I’m not at risk for colon cancer

Myth 2: If I don’t have symptoms, I don’t need a colonoscopy

Myth 3: I can’t drink the prep

Myth 4: A colonoscopy isn’t accurate

Myth 5: I can’t be sedated enough

Myth 6: My friend’s colon was perforated

Myth 7: If I get colon cancer, it’s meant to be

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