Do Hypoallergenic Pillow and Mattress Covers Really Work?

The Short Answer from an allergist
Do Hypoallergenic Pillow and Mattress Covers Really Work?

Q: Do hypoallergenic pillow and mattress covers actually help you?

A: Yes. Hypoallergenic pillow and mattress covers serve as a physical barrier primarily for patients who are allergic to dust mites. Evidence shows the covers provide a measurable, significant decrease in dust mite allergen on pillows and mattresses.

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However, the hypoallergenic covers alone will probably not make much of a difference unless you take other steps to reduce your exposure to dust mite and related allergens.  For example, many people think covering pillows and mattresses is not effective because they are not also:

  • Regularly washing bed linens in hot water to degrade new dust mite allergen
  • Taking steps to reduce dust mites in carpeting, upholstery, drapes and other furniture
  • Vacuuming regularly with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter
  • Taking measures to reduce exposure to other things to which they’re allergic

Allergist Fred Hsieh, MD

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