January 10, 2018/Women's Health

I Have Fibroids. Could I Do Nothing — and Wait for Menopause?

The Short Answer from an OB/Gyn

I Have Fibroids. Could I Do Nothing — and Wait for Menopause?

Q: If I have fibroids and heavy bleeding after age 50, could I do nothing and wait until menopause?

A: To determine if you need to do anything about your fibroids right now, you need a thorough evaluation, including imaging and an endometrial biopsy.


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Your doctor performs these tests to:

  • Rule out pre-cancer or cancer
  • Investigate debilitating bleeding (causing anemia) and pain
  • Determine the size, location and number of your fibroid(s)

It is important to know that fibroids do not “disappear” during menopause, but may shrink in size/volume.

If your doctor determines that the location of the fibroid is not causing your bleeding, you certainly can continue wait and watch your symptoms.


However, if the fibroid(s) is within the uterine cavity or impinging upon the uterine cavity, then you should consider having it removed.

— OB/Gyn Linda Bradley

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