I Have Fibroids. Could I Do Nothing — and Wait for Menopause?

The Short Answer from an OB/Gyn
I Have Fibroids. Could I Do Nothing — and Wait for Menopause?

Q: If I have fibroids and heavy bleeding after age 50, could I do nothing and wait until menopause?

A: To determine if you need to do anything about your fibroids right now, you need a thorough evaluation, including imaging and an endometrial biopsy.

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Your doctor performs these tests to:

  • Rule out pre-cancer or cancer
  • Investigate debilitating bleeding (causing anemia) and pain
  • Determine the size, location and number of your fibroid(s)

It is important to know that fibroids do not “disappear” during menopause, but may shrink in size/volume.

If your doctor determines that the location of the fibroid is not causing your bleeding, you certainly can continue wait and watch your symptoms.

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However, if the fibroid(s) is within the uterine cavity or impinging upon the uterine cavity, then you should consider having it removed.

— OB/Gyn Linda Bradley

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