Is Chocolate Milk Your Best Option After a Workout?

The Short Answer from a sports nutrition expert
Is Chocolate Milk Your Best Option After a Workout?

Q: Is chocolate milk your best option for muscle recovery after a workout?

A: I like any liquid recovery drink, including chocolate milk. Liquids are quickly digested and absorbed, which helps enhance recovery. Chocolate milk has the required ratio of 3-4 grams carbohydrate to 1 gram protein. And as a complete protein, it provides the essential amino acids your body can’t make. But you also have other options:

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  • 1-2 cups chocolate soy milk: Helpful when avoiding lactose. (Cow’s and soy milk are complete proteins. Almond and coconut milk are not.)
  • Homemade smoothie: 4 ounces plain Greek yogurt (10 grams protein) + 1 cup strawberries +½ banana +1 teaspoon honey with ice, with or without water. Or enjoy in a parfait glass without ice or water.
  • Bowl of cereal: Top 1 cup whole-grain cereal with 1 cup cow’s milk or soy milk.

Dietitian Kate Patton, MEd, RD, CSSD, LD 

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