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Staying Well During Respiratory Season

Overhead view of a person holding hot tea and flu medications.

When Flu Season Officially Starts

While it typically starts in October, vaccine effectiveness can affect its duration and severity


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Flu Season Prep

Closeup of person getting a flu shot.
6 Tips To Prep for Flu Season

Get vaccinated, consider wearing a mask and stock your medicine cabinet

Woman with protective face mask huddling on floor while flu spores float around in the air.
Here’s How Dangerous the Flu Can Be

Influenza puts stress on your body and can lead to serious conditions like pneumonia or stroke

Managing COVID-19

person getting a booster shot
Should You Get the Newest COVID-19 Vaccine?

The latest vaccine offers the most up-to-date protection

umbrella protecting person from COVID virus
Here’s Why COVID-19 Is Still Dangerous

Like the flu and RSV, COVID-19 cases are rising seasonally

someone taking an at-home covid test
Can You Still Use an Expired COVID-19 Test?

Antibodies used to detect the virus can weaken over time, so results may not be reliable

Tips for Respiratory Season

Person taking electronic temperature of sick child in bed.
What’s the Difference Between RSV, the Flu and COVID-19?

It comes down to a wheeze, a fever and long-term effects

child runs through sprinkler during summer
How To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Sick

Hydration and sleep are as important as avoiding dirty surfaces

Elderly person receives vaccine in arm from health professional.
Is There a Vaccine for RSV? Here’s Who’s Eligible

Adults 60 or older, pregnant people and babies can get protected against the respiratory virus