Tips for Younger-looking Eyes

Fixes for droopy, baggy eyes, crow’s feet + wrinkles
older woman with wrinkles closeup

Crow’s feet, bags and dark circles can make your eyes look older than you feel. Aging is unavoidable, but you don’t have to give in to looking old when you still feel young. Plastic surgeon Raymond Isakov, MD, says the most common problems have simple solutions.

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Droopy upper lids

The problem: The upper eyelids can appear droopy as we age. Fat bulging from the orbit, or eye socket, gives eyelids a baggy appearance. Droopy eyebrows from loose skin and lost muscle tone also push more skin into the area above the eyes.

The fix: Injectables in the forehead can give it a lift. Dr. Isakov says, “We can also do a surgical brow lift, removing extra skin and fat, or we can tighten up the muscle of the upper eyelid.”

Baggy lower lids

The problem: Extra skin and fat herniation affect the lower eyelids too, contributing to “bags” beneath the eyes. And deepening of the “tear trough,” which runs from the corner of the eye nearest the nose and then down along the top of the cheekbone, plays a part in creating the dark circles that make us look old and tired.

The fix: “Sometimes dark circles can be caused by pigment issues, which can be treated with medicine,” Dr. Isakov says. Injectable fillers or fat injections can even out the skin under the eyes, giving a youthful and well-rested appearance.

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Again, there is also the option to remove excess skin and fat surgically. A cheek elevation, where the mid-face tissues are lifted, can help support the lower eyelid as well.

Crow’s feet and wrinkles

The problem: Wrinkles can form around the eyes and mouth from smiling, frowning and expressing emotions over the years.

The fix: For crow’s feet, injectables are your best bet, Dr. Isakov says. It can help smooth out your smile lines and stop them from getting worse. Fine wrinkles in the thin skin around the eyes can be treated with chemical peels.

Slow the hands of time?

So how can we prevent these problems in the first place? For the most part, that’s a matter of luck.

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“It’s hard to prevent these things from happening, because you’re trying to stop the aging process,” Dr. Isakov says. “Some of it is genetics, but most people will develop some bagginess or crow’s feet over time.”

Good skin care will keep your skin looking better, he says. Moisturize your skin regularly, use sunscreen and don’t smoke. And take defensive action against wrinkles in your forehead and around your eyes with a bit of cosmetic injectables.

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