Looking to Spice Up Your Workout? 4 Fitness Trends to Try

Changing up your routine helps keep you motivated
Looking to Spice Up Your Workout? 4 Fitness Trends to Try

Every year, there are new fitness trends to get excited about. Some are fads that only ignite interest for a short time before fading into obscurity. Others, like dance aerobics, stand the test of time.

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It doesn’t matter what the next big thing is, says exercise physiologist Christopher Travers, MS. It’s more important to get off the couch and get moving, he says.

“Any type of exercise is beneficial for you,” he says. “If a new fitness trend fits into your time frame and you like it, we’re going to encourage it. But always start slow and listen to your body. If your body says to slow down, then slow down.”

Looking to liven up your exercise routine? Here is Travers’ take on four of the latest and hottest fitness trends: Orangetheory Fitness, VersaClimber workouts, Yogalates and Title Boxing Club.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is a 60-minute group workout training class. The classes emphasize high-intensity interval training.

You will cycle through workouts on a rowing machine and treadmill and also do strength training — all while wearing a heart-rate monitor. Your instructor encourages you to reach your orange zone, which is 84% to 91% of your maximum heart rate.

“The big thing here is that you work out for an hour and, according to Orangetheory, you’ll burn calories for the next 36 hours,” Travers says.

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  • A good mix of cardiovascular training and strength training.
  • Exercise variety.
  • Metabolic rate gets a boost.

VersaClimber workouts

VersaClimbing is a 30-minute full-body aerobic workout similar to spinning. Instead of bikes, however, you use a stair-climber. You’re standing the entire time as you use the machine.

“It’s a 30-minute, high-intensity workout that activates all the major muscle groups simultaneously, is zero-impact and self-regulating,” Travers says.


  • Joint-friendly.
  • Self-regulating — you can climb at your own pace.
  • Easy to use.


Yogalates integrates yoga’s foundation of strength and flexibility with the core-firming benefits of Pilates. This workout helps improve your breathing and energy as well as burn calories. Yogalates sessions typically range between 30 and 60 minutes.

“This is a great idea because not only are you getting a bit of range, motion and flexibility but you also have some strengthening as well,” Travers says. 

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  • Increased flexibility.
  • You can do it anywhere.
  • No equipment required.

Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club offers several 60-minute, high-intensity, interval training workouts to condition your body. In addition to a boxing and kickboxing workout, the boxing club recently introduced Title MMA, a mixed martial arts workout to help sculpt your body.

“It mimics the training a boxer undergoes. You’re working the bag, through gloves or kickboxing, and lifting weights in a circuit,” Travers says. “No matter which Title Boxing workout you choose, you’ll burn a lot of calories.”


  • Improves hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Enhances your endurance.
  • Works one-on-one with a trainer.

Most of these programs offer free trials, and Travers recommends that you take advantage of them. They give you an opportunity to see whether you enjoy the workouts and will help you decide whether this is the exercise program for you.

Before beginning any exercise program, talk with your physician first. They may have some suggestions on what fitness program best suits your needs and possible limitations.

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