Will That Post-Race Beer Hurt My Health?

The short answer from a dietitian
Toasting post-race with beer

Q: Can I make a trip to the Beer Tent after I finish running my race?

A: One beer shouldn’t do too much harm if you have been hydrating properly throughout the race. However, if you are a beginner runner with limited hydration, make sure you are drinking plenty of water if you choose to indulge. 

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It’s important to fuel your body with plenty of healthy protein and carbs following your race to help with recovery and repair of muscles. A bagel with lean meat or egg offers a balance of good carbs and protein. If you’re craving something sweet, try chocolate milk or a protein drink.

And if you’re still training and have yet to race? Don’t feel the need to restrict yourself from alcohol. Research shows there may be health benefits to drinking, such as serving as a blood thinner and lowering your blood pressure. The daily suggested limit of one drink for women and two drinks for men shouldn’t steer you off-course.

— Registered dietitian Kate Patton, RD

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