Pins and Needles — When You Should Worry

You can experience pins and needles all over your body including your arms and legs
Should I Worry About Feeling Pins and Needles?

Occasional or fleeting pins-and-needles sensations are seldom cause for concern. These can occur when a limb “falls asleep” after resting on it too long.

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We talk to neuromuscular specialist Kerry Levin, MD, about how it feels and what you should do when you experience symptoms.

Causes of pins and needles

Constant pins-and-needles sensations in one limb, in both feet or in both hands may signal a neurological problem. Possible causes include a pinched nerve in the limb, in the neck or in the back. The symptoms may be associated with other neurological problems, like weakness.

When to see your doctor about pins and needles

When symptoms are constant in both feet, it raises concern for peripheral neuropathy. There are many potential causes for peripheral neuropathy, including diabetes.

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