5 Ways to Boost Breast Health

Contributor: Stephanie Valente, DO Exercise and good eating are not only a one-two punch for better health. This powerful duo also lowers your risk of developing breast cancer. Or, if you are diagnosed with it, exercise and a healthy diet can increase your odds of beating the disease. Here’s five things you can do to … Read More

Mammograms Still Have the Power to Save Your Life

A study that casts doubt on the usefulness of mammograms for long-term cancer survival may have grabbed headlines recently. But health experts still maintain that annual mammograms for women over age 40 will save lives. The results, published last week in the British Medical Journal, were a 25-year follow-up of the Canadian National Breast Screening … Read More

14 Questions About Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis

After hearing your doctor say “You’ve got breast cancer,” it’s hard to focus on what comes next. You’re understandably scared, and your mind probably is reeling. You’re not prepared – no one is – to have a conversation about your prognosis and medical choices. From oncologist Jame Abraham, MD, Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Breast Medical … Read More