Stressed Out? Aromatherapy Can Help You to Feel Calmer

A scent can be more than a passing pleasant experience. If you’re feeling stressed out or tired, scents can help to lift your mood, and help you to feel calmer and more energized. When you use scents to improve your health or mood, you’re using aromatherapy, which is a form of complementary therapy. In aromatherapy, … Read More

5 Best Ways to Deal With Stress During a Crisis

Contributor: Jane Ehrman, MEd Health Educator with the Center for Lifestyle Medicine Whether you face problems at work, troubles with your loved ones, or issues at school with your children, they all share something in common: stress. When we are faced with a crisis, no matter whether it’s related to family, health, finances, work or a … Read More

Simple Ways to De-stress at Work

Is your job stressing you out? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Three-quarters of Americans consider their jobs stressful, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association. There are simple ways to de-stress and make your work life a little easier to handle. Cleveland Clinic behavioral health expert Jane Ehrman, MEd, has some suggestions. … Read More

Straight Talk About Diabetes: More Tools Needed

This post is part of ongoing coverage of Cleveland Clinic’s 2013 Medical Innovation Summit: Finding Balance through Innovation. Obesity, Diabetes & the Metabolic Crisis. During a panel discussion with other doctors and drug industry executives, William Herman, MD, made a statement that seemed pretty innocuous.  “I think the key to controlling diabetes is prevention.” Preventative … Read More