Why Chewing Ice Is Bad for Your Teeth

Do you regularly chomp on ice when you’re sipping a cold drink or absentmindedly crunch on a few cubes when you’re stressed? Learn why this habit can lead to a variety of dental issues.

Cubes of ice.

The Hard Facts About Fluoride

Fluoride is found in most water sources and has the power to strengthen your teeth to prevent decay. But why are some people afraid of it? A dentist explains.

Toothbrush near bathroom sink faucet with water on.

Stop a Nosebleed in 6 Steps

Feeling panicked over a nosebleed? As nervous as it might make you feel, a nosebleed in most cases should go away on its own. But you don’t want to make matters worse either, so here’s some do’s and don’ts when stopping a bleeding nose.

boy with nosebleed in winter