Your Vagus Nerve May Be Key To Fighting Anxiety and Stress

Feeling stressed and looking for healthy ways to manage it? Could be that your fight-or-flight response is in overdrive. And your vagus nerve may be the key to downshifting your anxiety levels. Find out what your vagus nerve is and how it can help you discover calm.

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How Lavender Can Improve Your Health

There’s so much more to lavender than just it’s soothing scent. Here’s what you should know about this perennial plant, including its many health benefits, how to use it and the best form to take it in.

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What You Should Know About Kratom

Kratom is one of those plants that you may assume is a safer, natural alternative to other drugs. But don’t be fooled: There’s a dark side to kratom-derived pills, powders and teas. An integrative medicine specialist explains why “natural” doesn’t always mean safe when it comes to kratom.

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