Are You Prepared? 8 Things You Need To Keep in Your Car This Winter

Here's what you need to round up for your trunk
Man calling for help after his car goes off the road during winter driving

Life doesn’t always stop for winter weather. You still have to drive across town, despite the snow flurries quickly turning to near-blizzard — or the subzero temperatures. So how can you stay safe?

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In this video, emergency medicine specialist Thomas Waters, MD, offers his recommendations on what to grab for your car’s winter emergency kit.

And it’s also important to know the warning signs of frostbite, which include pins and needles pain in your extremities. Plus a change in your skin’s color. If you feel like you’re getting frostbite, you want to warm up and keep the areas warm. (Don’t warm it up and then re-expose it because the tissue damage can be much worse.)

If you know the weather’s going to be especially cold or brutal, it’s best to avoid traveling ― if at all possible. But if you must be out and about, being prepared is key to staying safe. Weather can change in an instant and you don’t want to be caught without winter emergency gear.

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