4 Flavorful Quinoa Dishes to Fuel Your Body

Carbs don't have to be your enemy with these recipes
quinoa orange and pistachio salad

Want a healthy meal that won’t leave you starving? May we introduce to you quinoa? It’s gluten-free and packed with protein and fiber.

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Here are four great quinoa recipes to try:

Quinoa Orange and Pistachio Salad

This vegan, gluten-free salad provides 100% of your daily vitamin A and 100% of your daily vitamin C. It’s also a good source of fiber, calcium and iron.

Quinoa With Tomatoes, Mangoes and Toasted Almonds

This seasonal dish is delicious with a mixed green salad or grilled veggies. Or you can pair this dish with leftover poultry or fish, along with a salad or grilled vegetable.

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Quinoa, Black Bean, Arugula and Spinach Ragout

This stew-like dish is the perfect comfort food. It’s completely customizable — substitute any legume, greens or grains with whatever is in your pantry, or to reflect your personal preferences.

Quinoa and Apple Salad with Almonds and Mint

Apples and grapes give this salad a healthy dose of antioxidant power. Combine with quinoa, fresh mint, roasted almonds and lemon juice for a great mix of flavors.

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