Recipe: Crunchy Broccoli Walnut Salad

Slightly sweet, nutty, crunchy and nutritious
Crunchy walnut broccoli salad

Sure, salads are good for you, but it’s easy to get tired of having the same garden salad every day. Try this colorful recipe to mix things up; it showcases omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which support good eye health. The orange juice dressing lends sweetness to the salad, while the broccoli and sunflower seeds create texture for a recipe sure to please the whole family.

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1 cup broccoli florets
¼ cup chopped red onion
1 cup shredded carrot
¼ cup chopped red bell pepper
3 Tbsp sunflower seeds (unsalted)
1/3 cup chopped walnuts
½ cup mandarin oranges, canned in juice


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1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup orange juice
Black pepper, to taste


  1. Combine carrot, broccoli, onion, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and oranges in a large bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together dressing ingredients.
  3. Pour dressing into salad. Mix well. Let chill for at least 1 hour to let flavors combine. Serve chilled.

Nutritional information

Makes 4 servings; Each serving is ¾ cup

Calories: 170
Protein: 4 g
Carbohydrate: 13 g
Dietary Fiber: 3 g
Sugar: 6 g
Total Fat: 12 g
Saturated Fat: 1.5 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 60 mg

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Recipe provided by Digestive Disease Health Team dietitians

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