What’s Best for Dandruff That Won’t Go Away?

The Short Answer from a dermatologist


Q: What do you recommend for resistant dandruff?

A: Skin or scalp dandruff is very common. In dermatology, we call this seborrheic dermatitis. We see it not just on the scalp, but also on the eyebrows, around the nose, on the ears and chest, and around the mouth.

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Typically, we first treat seborrheic dermatitis with anti-dandruff shampoos that you can buy over the counter. For resistant cases, however, we may prescribe an antifungal product called ketoconazole (Nizoral®), available in a 2 percent formulation as a shampoo or cream.

What’s most important is to realize that this condition is intermittent and chronic — meaning it comes and goes over long periods of time. Continuing to use the medications recommended to you will help minimize the recurrence of this otherwise chronic condition.

— Dermatologist Christine Poblete-Lopez, MD

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