Health Essentials’ Best Tips for Health and Wellness From 2022

From nutrition and exercise to mental health and parenting, some of our best advice of the year
Person exercising with weights.

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to manage your health and well-being. A lot. And not all of it is all that reliable.

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Here at Cleveland Clinic’s Health Essentials, we answer your health and wellness questions with science-backed advice from top experts.

2022 was no different. It was a year full of tips and tricks to help you take care of yourself and your family. From advice about treating the common cold to the best mental health resources available on your smartphone, check out some of our best tips of the year. And let’s make 2023 your healthiest one yet! 

Contagious diseases: These home remedies for your cold really work

There may not be a cure for the common cold, but there are some things you can do at home to lessen your symptoms … and a few things you should avoid.  

This year, we shared seven go-to fixes to help you feel better when you have a cold.  

Nutrition: Try these budget-friendly foods

It’s easy to think that eating healthy will do a number on your finances. After all, as the old saying goes, “Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good,” right?  

This year, we helped dispel that myth with these 12 inexpensive foods that provide a nutritious bang for your buck — complete with budget-friendly meal ideas you can make tonight. 

Sleep: Here’s how to stop snoring

There’s nothing that can put a damper on your slumber quite like the sound of a freight train rumbling in bed next to you. And while snoring is common and usually not harmful, it can be a sign of a more serious sleep disorder, not to mention a vexing topic of conversation at breakfast the next morning. 

Fortunately, we rounded up some home remedies and doctor-approved treatments to stop the snores

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Heart health: Follow this advice to lower your cholesterol naturally

If you have high cholesterol, your provider may recommend a medication to help get a handle on it. But did you know that there are things you can do beyond medicine to help lower your cholesterol? 

We shared advice for foods to eat, supplements to consider and stress-management techniques that can lower your cholesterol

Sex and relationships: Understand love stages and types 

Love is one of those human experiences that can be hard to define and even harder to wrap your head around. From the initial “liking” kind of love to the write-an-epic-ballad-about-you type of infatuation, relationships exist on a spectrum. Love moves through stages, and understanding where you and your partner are in that journey can be important to your mutual happiness and fulfillment in your relationship.  

Here, we walked through the types and stages of love and offered up advice on how to talk in your partner’s love language. 

Allergies: Find the right seasonal allergy relief for you 

If you have seasonal allergies, you’re far from alone. And if you’re overwhelmed by all the pills, sprays and other over-the-counter relief options out there … well, you’re still not alone.  

We took the guesswork out of choosing allergy relief medications this year. From the difference between antihistamines and decongestants to how and when to use nasal sprays, get the advice you need to clear up those sinuses. 

Mental health: Find the app for that 

From meditation to mindfulness, and video coaching to virtual visits, a search through your device’s app store is bound to return a range of options that promise to positively affect your mental health. And with varying degrees of effectiveness. 

We shared advice this year on how to choose a mental health app that’ll help you reach your goals. 

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Skin care: Apply these skin care products in this order 

There’s no shortage of cleansers, masks, oils, lotions, serums and other concoctions out there that promise to do wonders on your wrinkles, redness, blackheads and anything-elses.  

Before you spend a fortune on alllll the things, start here. We broke down what products you actually need, what ingredients to look for (and what to look out for) and what order to use them so you can keep your skin healthy and clean.  

Parenting: Help your kid handle the responsibilities of digital access 

Has your child been begging for a phone? Wondering when’s the right age?  

While we don’t have a magical one-size-fits-all answer, we did get some great advice this year about how you can measure whether your child is ready for their own smartphone. What’s more, we shared tips on how to help your child develop some digital independence in an age-appropriate way. 

Exercise: Keep your eye on the prize

If exercising more is on your list of goals as you gear up for the new year, you’re in good company (and about to do great things for your body!). 

To help you get a head start on your workout plans for 2023, we shared advice on how to set yourself up for success with SMART fitness goals. (That’s to say, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.) 

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